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Cleaning services for you from the Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group

A cleaning company is a place of work that can be called special. It mainly employs people who are just starting their working career. The cleaning team is constantly in need of replenishment. This is due to many factors and characteristics of the work. Working in a cleaning company is not easy, especially in the modern world, it requires special training, certain knowledge in the field of technology, its use, requires thorough skills in cleaning premises that are very seriously damaged, after repairs or residential buildings with many expensive parts. Our friendly Cleaning Group team in Vinnitsa has selected real masters of their craft, there are also young specialists, these people are easily trained, strive to gain experience in working with various chemicals and the latest technology. There is always an experienced assistant nearby who is ready to teach and show by personal example how to cope with the nuances of this profession, understand the intricacies and difficulties, learn how to work in a team, find business tactics in communicating with a client, change your status “from scratch” to an experienced cleaning employee. This entire internal policy of the company boils down to the fact that a person’s desire to meet the highest indicators is directly proportional to the quality result of the work performed by the team. The cleaning team is managed by managers and an administrator. These are representatives of our team with extensive experience and who know all the subtleties of work thoroughly.

We will adjust our work and our schedule to suit you

Our team does not work according to the standard working week pattern.
Our work begins when it is convenient for the client to start cleaning his premises. It could be weekends. For example, if it is an office, an enterprise, a bank, a large store, in which people are constantly present, they will schedule cleaning after working hours so as not to disrupt the work schedule, not to lose customers and not to interfere with the work of employees of institutions. In this case, the cleaning time is negotiated in advance, it should be convenient for the client, the cleaning service adjusts to the client and should always be ready to work at the time specified by the client.

A cleaning employee must be ready for an irregular work schedule at any, even the most inconvenient time.

Who works for us:

Representatives of our team are young, energetic, strong, hardy, hardworking, without bad habits, responsible people. One of the important distinguishing features is the desire to work, as well as the ability to communicate with people, to be flexible in dealing with issues related to the work performed. Our cleaning company works with professional equipment, household chemicals, so our employees are trained and have the skills and knowledge in their field, are fully responsible for their work. At the very beginning of their career, our employees are not only instructed, but also mastered a program in which they tell how to work with chemicals, how to use them, pass an exam on safety measures, on the use and use of modern technology for removing stains, deposits, and ingrained dirt … Such training can be called special professional courses for which a person receives a certificate; without such training, employees are not allowed to work because ignorance of the basic rules of cleaning can lead to damage to property, undermining the health of the person himself and the entire team, improper use of chemistry can lead to toxic poisoning or various kinds of damage to the owner’s property. For example, if a worker has improperly diluted and uses a highly concentrated chemical detergent for cleaning the floor, this can lead to deterioration of the coating, a plaque will appear that cannot be washed and it will corrode the coating, and holes will appear. In this case, the employee of this cleaning company will have to answer. We employ cleaners, managers, machine operators who wash the floor, storekeepers, consultants, etc. All our employees are energetic, have goals and are responsible. If you need to seriously discuss some business working moment, then you should contact our manager. The success of the work performed by our Cleaning Group Vinnitsa depends directly on him. This is exactly the representative of our team who will resolve all issues regarding our personnel, he is responsible for concluding contracts with suppliers, concluding contracts with customers, contacting customers, drawing up reports on the work done, regulating controversial issues, making plans for the future in order to improve the process of labor or to purchase better equipment for work, high-quality chemicals. We value and encourage our employees very much. The most experienced employee becomes even more experienced every year, and the result of his work is of higher quality.

Time is money. Cleanliness is the key to health.

What is cleaning a three-room apartment or a huge cottage? This is backbreaking work, a huge waste of time, an oppressive routine, busy people are not ready to waste their time and energy on what the specialists of our Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa can easily and professionally handle. The owners of huge country cottages, the area of ​​which exceeds the definition of a huge one, are in dire need of professional help. It is a huge problem to cope with putting things in order in a home of such a huge footage on your own. And the larger the space, the greater the scale of putting things in order. The best solution can be a professional cleaning Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa.

Cleaning cleaning. What is this service?

This is a type of service that makes it possible not only to wash, vacuum, put things in order and create cleanliness in your apartment or house, but to do it using professional equipment and using special professional cleaning products: cleaning chemicals, special equipment, modern detergents vacuum cleaners with the most powerful dust collection force, special professional tools (mops, brushes, etc.). This type of service is specially created for business people who value their time and are gaining more and more popularity.

Do it yourself or attract irreplaceable helpers. Cleanliness issues.

Probably every person in life, putting his home in order, thought about how to carry out a professional cleaning of an apartment or a private house at a professional high level, because this type of cleaning will create high-quality cleanliness not for one day, but for at least a week.

Professional cleaning of a living space is really necessary for almost every person, especially if he prioritizes the cleanliness of his home. At the same time, acute situations arise every day that do not allow the planned plan to be implemented – this is employment at work, an urgent business trip, leisure with children, unscheduled trips, while a person is busy or no longer has the energy to wash, clean, and cleaning is necessary. Involvement of our cleaning company Cleaning Group Vinnitsa will immediately resolve all issues at a professional level.

When to contact the cleaning service:

  • You have decided to rent out your apartment, have moved into a rented apartment yourself or are moving out of a rented apartment and want to leave a good opinion of the owners about yourself;
  • renovation is completed, cleaning is required;
  • a grand celebration or cleaning is planned after such an event;
  • arrival of important guests;
  • allergies among residents, requires daily cleaning;
  • cleaning has not been carried out for a long time;
  • the person has not lived in the house for a long time and cleaning is needed to move in;
    disasters of a different nature (fire, flood).

Basic services

Even if the owners are hyper-clean and distinguished by cleanliness and neatness, you yourself are able to clean your home or you have constant assistants, all the same, at the same level as our team will make it difficult to cope with the most problematic and in time it will be for a rather long period – a week – month. In the mode of your working life, such a process may endlessly and drag on for a long time, paralyzing it, add anxiety and irritability to your life from the type and scale of labor.

What you will need to do:

  • wash, wipe or rub the doors, remove dust from door blocks;
  • wash and tidy up lamps, lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps;
  • remove dust from household appliances, wash it out on both sides, thoroughly wash the cooking plate from fat, limescale and burning residues, rub until shiny;
  • polish the furniture, remove dust from it on both sides, while for internal cleaning it is necessary to carefully clean the contents of the cabinets, clean and carefully sort and put everything into place in the same order;
  • make windows, window sills, mirrors and glass surfaces shine, initially remove dirt, then rub, get rid of stains;
  • vacuum the floors, wash, remove stains, stains. If it is parquet, then make special care for it so as not to damage or spoil the coating;
  • vacuum the skirting boards, wash them, wash the radiator, radiators, pipes, heating system;
    tidy up the walls, get rid of dust and cobwebs, vacuum the ceiling;
  • wash the air conditioner from the outside;
  • bring kitchen work surfaces to their original appearance, get rid of the history of cooking on them;
  • clean and wash the bathroom, bathroom, sinks and disinfect;
  • wash all dishes, kettles, slow cooker, etc.;
  • clean and wash, rub the kitchen sink to a shine;
  • sort the garbage having previously collected it from the entire area of ​​the apartment to be cleaned, take it out.

If you carefully read each sub-item of the work performed, then this solid list is called complex cleaning of the room. If you calculate how much material costs you need for chemistry and household appliances, as well as physical costs, knowledge of proper and careful care for expensive furniture and coatings, then it would be expedient and correct to contact us – the professionals in their field Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa, inquire, how much is a general complex cleaning and compare the price of your time and health with the price of the company. Your benefits will be quite obvious, turning to specialists in your field, you will remain as satisfied, calm as possible, keep your strength and health, and channel your energy into the mainstream of recreation or business.
We provide additional services:

  • cleaning, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture on-site;
  • cleaning carpets, carpets of synthetic and natural compounds;
  • washing of blankets, blankets with fur lining;
  • washing additional bathrooms;
  • careful care of home decor made of natural materials, natural wood or stone;
  • washing and disinfection of saunas, baths, swimming pools.

If you have survived a renovation

Repair is like devastation, so much debris, small parts, bags, dirt on all surfaces, construction dust, probably not in any other way of life. Repair takes a huge amount of human effort and time and can take years. But if you have already finally coped with it and finished, definitely the final cleaning after such a large-scale action should be entrusted to professionals, to us Cleaning Group for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa, in order to enjoy the comfort and cleanliness of your renovated housing. Such cleaning is carried out exclusively with the latest professional equipment (washing vacuum cleaners from the production standard with the highest power, special turbo mop with spinning, eco-napkins for glass, etc.).


High-quality cleaning of apartments, shops and any other real estate in Vinnitsa. Order any kind of cleaning services from Cleaning Group.

Each owner of real estate, whether it be an apartment, a large store, a hotel or an enterprise, sees his premises as perfectly cleaned, clean and bright, respectively, the question arises of finding an assistant who will quickly and urgently provide his services. We, the Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa, will respond and immediately resolve your issues, help you cope with emotional stress and cleaning. We will do all this on time and with high quality.

If you are interested in all types of cleaning, you can see the list of our services or contact us. In the telephone mode, when it is convenient for the client, we can describe the entire scope of work that needs to be done for cleaning, determine how urgently it is necessary to carry out cleaning, the scale and type of cleaning, time and, accordingly, calculate the price of the work done. Also, together with you, we will resolve the issue of the need for the presence of the owner at the time of the work being carried out. We will certainly discuss the issue of your assessment of the quality of the work that our Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa will cope with.

There is a certain misconception about the pricing policy for the provision of cleaning services among customers. Very often people draw fabulous prices for cleaning services for themselves, do not try to contact trusted companies, do not specify prices, but often look for where it is cheap, as a result of which they fall on scammers or amateurs, saving money, taking risks and inviting unfamiliar unverified people to into your house. At best, such dubious cooperation can end up with substandard work, poorly performed, with property damage. Our company Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa takes care of each of its clients, promises to respect people and their property.

If you still doubt whether you can do it on your own or you need professional help, then you should contact us! The Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa, by its own example, will show each of its clients how professional cleaning differs from the work of an ordinary cleaner:

  • with us, each client, if desired, can conclude an agreement for long-term cooperation, for regular cleaning;
  • our Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa will never refuse to provide its services due to employment, will not make a person wait long, will not say that the client’s request is insignificant and it is not profitable for the company to take on its implementation;
  • we undertake an order of even the minimum volume;
  • in our work, we use exclusively professional equipment that copes with large, huge volumes of work very quickly and proportionally with high quality;
  • in its work, our company uses cleaning products that have passed certification without fail. This approach will protect your property from damage, damage, will enable the contractor to perform better cleaning, removing stains, scale, serious technical plaque from surfaces, as well as there will be no poisonous smell of chemistry in the room;
  • cleaning facilities can be residential, so we are especially careful and responsible when choosing personnel. Our employees are proven people in all aspects of the employment contract: they are specialists who know their business, have extensive experience in the field of cleaning, without bad habits, people who value their time, income from work performed and provide a high-quality result of their work;
  • we do not overestimate the prices for our services, but on the contrary, we value each of our clients; for constant cooperation and contacting our Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa, we provide discounts to regular customers;
  • we are always glad to the wishes of the client, we take them into service, we offer additional services;
  • we are happy with constructive criticism, if it arises, we immediately correct the moments in which the customer either doubts or is not satisfied, we sum up the results, where the client is most satisfied with our work.

Each customer can familiarize himself with the responsibilities of our specialists in order to clearly and objectively assess the quality of their work:

  • you can contact us by phone and conclude a cooperation agreement on our website;
  • our company can visit the facility, assess the scope of work, designate a price list, negotiate all the details and moments for cleaning the premises on the spot with a representative from the customer;
  • the deadlines for the completion of the work and the number of commissioning of the object are clearly negotiated;
  • questions about personnel, their qualifications and trust are resolved at the beginning of the transaction;
  • we provide certificates of disinfectants;
  • the issue of a discount is resolved if the client is from a permanent client base;
  • the calculation is carried out after the delivery of the object to the customer, provided that there are no claims and additional requirements or wishes.

There is a lot of competition on the marketplaces among the many cleaning service companies. Our Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa is your reliable partner, the essence of which is customer respect, clarity, decency, professionalism.

What determines the price of the cleaning work done:

  • from the set deadlines for the work;
  • on the type of service provided (wet cleaning, general cleaning, cleaning after repairs, etc.);
    from what is included in the selected type of cleaning, for example, washing windows, cleaning the surface of walls, floors, etc.;
  • window cleaning and additional services are not included in the cost of cleaning after renovation;
  • permanent basis of cooperation or seasonal cleaning;
  • we carry out dry cleaning of carpets on the spot, without removal;

price list for additional services:

washing a bathroom, washing tulle, curtains, removing and installing them, washing a shower room, washing kitchen appliances, dining utensils, a microwave oven can be viewed on the website of our Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa.

Professional cleaning services for apartments, houses, cottages, offices, summer cottages, warehouses in Vinnitsa. Contact the cleaning company Cleaning group

Health, vigor, mood, ability to work, emotional and working mood of each person directly depend on the created comfort in the very place where the person lives or works.

Cleaning services Vinnytsia:

  • if you are a busy person and value your time, then you definitely come to us; our cooperation is based on trust in each other and on a professional approach to our work;
  • scheduled general cleaning, express cleaning, urgent, daily or final will free you from all physical and moral hardships from the process of removing dirt and waste materials, you will not need to do heavy dusty work to eliminate the unpleasant smell of chemicals or building materials after repairs, take out tons of garbage, wipe off and remove stains, dust and glue on the surface;
  • professional cleaning provides for high-quality removal of dust and dirt from windows, showcases, mirrors and glass of various parameters and sizes. This work is difficult and requires a responsible and professional approach, because it is in demand in the work of large supermarkets, shopping centers, banks, beauty salons, offices, etc .;
  • an integral part of the interior of fashion houses, offices and fashion boutiques is upholstered furniture, carpeting and fur runners. The style and beauty of the locations of these institutions must be kept completely clean and environmentally sterile so that discerning clients are satisfied. Thus, office cleaning in Vinnytsia includes dry cleaning of carpets and carpets, cleaning upholstered furniture from external damage, unnatural odors, dust and stains.

We value our clients and value them, therefore the Cleaning Company – Cleaning Group is ready to perform tasks set by clients, of varying complexity, at a professional level.

Our services:

  • bringing all surfaces of the room to a perfectly clean state, including washing and removing dust and dirt on furniture, cabinets, cabinets, cornices;
  • washing and polishing all mirror surfaces, glass;
  • polishing cabinets and pedestals without filling;
  • removing dirt from furniture made from natural raw materials using gentle care methods;
  • the use of special care chemicals for washing upholstery and decor;
  • washing, ironing, cleaning, removing stains, complete care of items for sleeping;
  • collection of waste materials;
  • cleaning the room, taking into account the cleaning of hard-to-reach places using disinfectants.

Planned large-scale cleaning services:

  • we use cleaning techniques with and without water;
  • freeing chandeliers, lamps and bulbs from stickiness and unnatural dusty color with delicate chemicals;
  • the bathroom is washed, treated with special chemical solutions for shine and disinfected;
  • mold is removed, damp or hard-to-reach places get rid of the fungus;
  • shelves, built-in wardrobes, drawers, decor are cleaned using environmentally friendly and
  • harmless washing devices;
  • finishing small details.

Large-sized business offices, supermarkets, banking institutions, private business class buildings of the highest level have not only a large area, but also a specific approach to their constant care. This method is chosen by people who value their time, and also understand that responsibility, quality and price are directly proportional to each other. People engaged in business value every minute of their time, they are ready to agree that it is easier to provide their property to specialists who can quickly and easily cope with a large scale of hard grueling physical work within the agreed time frame. Thanks to our company, all issues related to assistance in such a complex process are resolved quickly and with dignity on both sides. The customer does not rack his brains over unnecessary information, the study of which takes time and desire, and the contractor provides services, conscientiousness and high quality of his work.

Kitchen, washing:

  • washing out to a shine using disinfectants;
  • kettles, stoves, coffee machines, grill machines – all equipment is washed gently, carefully, using two washing techniques – wet and dry cleaning;
  • bringing to a proper presentable appearance of ceramic surfaces, tiles, tiles;
  • washing, soaking, gentle scrubbing from scale, dirt on the outer and inner surfaces of stoves, burners, ovens;
  • if necessary, defrosting, washing, removing food contaminants and odors in the refrigerator;
    washing, removing dust and using disinfectants for the care of plumbing;
  • taking out the trash;
  • getting rid of accumulated dirt and dust in hard-to-reach places;
  • washing, rubbing and polishing glass surfaces of windows and fittings.

The more beautiful the room and the more complex its author’s design solution, the more difficult it is to care for it. Interior items sometimes have not only material, but also moral value in the eyes of their owner, therefore cleaning of such premises presupposes absolute responsibility, care, professionalism and understanding of what you are doing. In turn, such apartments or institutions have a large area and the process of cleaning every corner is a process of not a single hour, requiring effort, serious physical costs and investments, as well as special knowledge and skills in handling interior items and the apartment itself as a whole. This is all sometimes, and sometimes even very often, physically and mentally beyond the power of the owners of such apartments and institutions. The time spent on cleaning a huge area, the owners are ready to spend better on rest from work, either on work itself, or on something else that will bring them money or pleasure, and our cleaning company Express cleaning of apartments, houses will perfectly cope with this task. cottages, offices Vinnitsa and will gladly provide you with your premises in a perfectly clean state.

Our services:

  • washing and dry treatment of walls, washing room surfaces and floors, washing ceilings, getting rid of dust and plaque;
  • getting rid of all surfaces from dust and dirt;
  • we provide two types of cleaning: wet and dry;
  • washing of window sills, cleaning from dirt;
  • dry cleaning of the room fittings, switches, bringing the doors into a clean look;
  • creating a radiant look for all mirrored surfaces;
  • bringing service rooms into a perfectly sterile form using disinfection;
  • all electrical appliances that are used for household needs and food preparation are processed and specially cleaned from traces of use;
  • collection, removal of garbage;
  • we introduce into practice the latest technologies for the care of soft fur synthetic and natural coatings;
  • accessories for sleeping – we create a pristine look, ironing.
  • washing of outbuildings by agreement.

In a priori, everyone loves their corner in which they live, but it is also important to fall in love with the space where most of a person’s life passes – this is a production space that deserves special attention and cleanliness. It is there that important meetings are held, agreements are concluded, and serious issues are resolved. Therefore, employees must work in a dust-free environment. This issue will be dealt with with ease and responsibility by the Cleaning Company in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group.
Our company is a staff of highly qualified specialists who know their business and are competent to cope with any task set by the client. We are responsible, businesslike, able to listen and hear the client’s requests, we are the ones to whom you decide to call and apply more than once. We will save your property, renew it, make it cleaner, wash it, clean it up and do it all with love, respect and respect for you. Your company Cleaning Group for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa.