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Professional cleaning of apartments, cottages, offices together with the Cleaning Group Cleaning Company in Vinnitsa is the right service at the right price

If you want your home to shine with cleanliness, come to us, Cleaning Group, a cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa. Quickly, accurately, with discounts and pleasant bonuses, we will put your premises in perfect order.

With full responsibility and diligence, we will do for you:

  1. Cleaning of apartments.
  2. Cleaning of city houses and country cottages.
  3. We will do a one-time cleaning.
  4. Regular cleaning.
  5. We will help you clean the premises after renovation.
  6. We will carry out a general cleaning.
  7. We will clean your office.

If you want your room to look aesthetically pleasing and attractive, you need to clean it in time and not make it look unsightly. This should be done because dirt, dust and unpleasant air in a house, apartment, office can really threaten the health of people there, provoke allergic diseases, and the accumulation of dust, mold, fungus, dampness in the bathroom and toilet, dirt in the kitchen, old food on the stove and a dirty cooker hood in general can be fatal. If you set yourself the task: to always see your home washed and clean, then clean and wash it every day, and if you care about your health and do not want to harm all the people living in it, you want to clean your home using high-quality ecological chemistry, expensive and powerful, modern special equipment of the last generation, in order not only to wash and refresh the house, but also to create the effect of sterility, freshness in it, without spoiling anything, then you should involve the professionals, the Cleaning Group team in Vinnitsa, to help. Why would you waste your precious time, disrupt your business and usual schedule of life and work on routine hard work, and it is far from the fact that the result of your work will please you. Use the services of professionals of the Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group and enjoy the glamor and splendor provided to you by the masters of their craft.

Cleaning of apartments

This is exactly what we do quickly, professionally and relatively inexpensively. We do not divide rooms into residential and non-residential, we clean equally responsibly both in the living room and on the loggia. We approach with all responsibility the cleaning of every corner of the rooms, the most hidden places from the eyes. When cleaning a home, we will certainly remove all visible and invisible dust from furniture, batteries, switches, window sills, doors and doorways. Then we wipe it with a damp cloth, wash it taking into account what kind of washing can be done in each case, wet or dry. I wash window sills, slopes, plinths, a heating radiator, vacuum the ceiling. We pay special attention to upholstered furniture, computer chairs, carpets and carpets. We can offer you standard cleaning, general, urgent, one-time and on an ongoing basis.

Cleaning of city houses and country cottages

Cleaning houses that are located outside the city is usually not easy. Since such cottages have a huge area, there are many main rooms and the same number of additional rooms, a large facade and a personal plot. If a person has never done this, he will not even understand where to start cleaning. If you invite one cleaner from the “street”, then a number of problems will arise. Firstly, one person is unlikely to cope with such a scale of work, and secondly, it is dangerous to invite unverified people into the house, another very important point – you do not know if a person has any basic knowledge of cleaning at all. You will have to distribute the scope of work yourself, explain, direct and constantly monitor. And it is not a fact that the result will satisfy you. This whole process is a strong expenditure of your time, energy and nerves. If you still have such a question, then by all means call us the Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group. In a matter of minutes, our team will be distributed throughout the entire premises, each team member will take on the area of ​​work in which he is a professional, we will put your entire house in order, starting with the hall and ending with a personal plot. We will clean storage rooms, auxiliary rooms, garage. We will wash the windows to shine, rub them; we will polish all the furniture, wash the floor with high quality, clean and carry out chemical treatment of furniture, carpets, all paths, heavy blankets, blankets, mattresses. We will pay special attention to the bathroom, all sinks, faucets, bathroom, shower cabin will be washed and surfaces will be disinfected. We will wash and rub the tiles, remove stains and streaks from it, clean the air of the room and add a light pleasant aroma.

If you need additional services for cleaning the pool, cleaning in the bathhouse and sauna, if you need to put things in order in the barn, outbuildings, clean the area adjacent to the house or work on the design of the infield, then our Cleaning Group team in Vinnitsa is ready to help you every day , without days off and holidays, exactly at the time when it is convenient for you. We respond instantly, communicate with respect, and work professionally.

Cleaning of offices

The office is exactly the place by which the company is judged, its, so to speak, face. From the first step and at first glance, an impression is formed and forecasts are made: to cooperate with this company or not. If you entered the premises for the conclusion of a business agreement, and there is dirt, dust, a suffocating unpleasant odor, you will immediately have a desire to leave this premises as soon as possible and the matter may not reach the beginning of a business conversation. There is no need to risk and save on cleanliness, this may turn out to be a dangerous and unprofitable moment for you. Therefore, cleanliness in the office is definitely acceptable, without dust, traces of work, unnecessary rubbish and piles, clean and pleasant air.

What you need to do for this:

You can invite a cleaner to the staff on an ongoing basis, but this is not a very profitable project, since sick leave, time off, vacation, your constant personal control over the performance of duties and cleanliness control will take away your money and your personal time. In order to feel the benefits in all aspects, invite to your office a proven team of people who know their business thoroughly – Cleaning Group, a cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa, we will not interfere with the work process, we will do the job clearly, quickly, efficiently, we will start working at the exact time that you designate for us.

If you want to order a large-scale cleaning of your premises, visit us, the Cleaning Group for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group, for a cup of coffee and we will discuss how to help you at the highest, highest quality and professional level

Professional cleaning work:

  • complex cleaning of various premises, cleaning of the surrounding area of different scale and
  • complexity, cleaning of roofs and facades;
  • maintenance cleaning of premises;
  • daily cleaning of premises;
  • cleaning once a week;
  • cleaning twice a week;
  • spring-cleaning;
  • general cleaning with a steam generator;
  • washing, cleaning premises after renovation, renting out housing, events, exhibitions, fire, flooding;
  • one-time cleaning;
  • hostess assistant;
  • cleaning on an ongoing basis.

Additional services:

  • washing windows and glass;
  • pool cleaning;
  • roof cleaning;
  • cleaning the area near the house;
  • cleaning and removal of leaves and snow;
  • cleaning and removal of rubbish after repair or during the period of preparation of housing for repair;
  • bath, sauna cleaning;
  • cleaning of the second office space;
  • washing of interior items (cleaning and removing dust from paintings, statues, floor lamps, interior dolls, etc.).

Our staff

We look for and select employees of the required specialty and qualifications so that they correspond to the level of our team. Our future employees must undergo special training and testing. Our employee is a young, energetic, healthy, tactful, efficient and trained cleaning specialist who is ready to work actively, knows the safety rules for working with chemicals, is trained to work with modern equipment, to whom you can entrust your property.

Cleaning your home – a guarantee of cleanliness

Our advantages:

  1. We react instantly.
  2. We have loyal prices, discounts, bonuses for regular customers.
  3. We do not strive to work one-time, we are aimed at cooperation on an ongoing basis.
  4. We adapt to the client, we work around the clock without holidays and weekends.

The cleaning services of our team of the Cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group is a whole system of cleaning work aimed at bringing cleanliness in your house, professional care using modern technology for your carpets, carpets, this is a complete cleaning , washing and cleaning furniture, appliances, valuable and expensive interior items. Of course, you can have your own service personnel, but by engaging a team of specialists from the Cleaning Group cleaning service in Vinnitsa, you entrust the cleaning of your property to professionals and save your money on the maintenance of permanent staff, as well as remove the issue of constant monitoring of the work. You are not involved in the distribution of duties and only we, our Cleaning Group team, are responsible for quality control.

Our services are widely demanded by owners of private houses, apartments, offices, shopping centers, banks, various institutions, government agencies, owners of huge country cottages. Our work is planned in such a way as to fulfill the task set by the customer with the highest quality in the minimum amount of time. The whole team goes to the object, each specialist is responsible for a certain area of ​​work and performs a certain type of work in which he is a professional, in connection with which the speed of work is increased and the quality grows. The team works in overalls. Only trained specialists are allowed to work, who have been instructed and know how to safely handle chemical detergents, have the skills to work with special modern equipment.

General, daily cleaning of the premises

In order to assess the scale of the work carried out, it is necessary to clearly indicate the following:

  • the area to be removed;
  • do you need window cleaning, how many windows are there;
  • cleaning of furniture. It is necessary to decide what kind of cleaning is needed (dry, wet, dry cleaning);
  • washing, cleaning carpets, removing stains;
  • decide whether the customer needs additional services;
  • washing floors. The type of coverage (linoleum, laminate, parquet, etc.) must be taken into account;
  • washing plumbing fixtures, sinks, shower stalls, bathroom with disinfection;
  • cleaning tiles from bottom to top in the kitchen and bathroom;
  • washing glass and mirror coatings;
  • cleaning the kitchen, the working surface of the stove, kitchen equipment (multicooker, coffee machine, etc.);
  • dishwashing (one sink) is a bonus if a turnkey complex cleaning is ordered;
  • one-time cleaning after renovation;
  • dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, large soft interior dolls and toys, blinds and ironing them with a steam generator, tulle, carpets, carpets, carpet, blankets, blankets, mattresses;
  • balcony washing, balcony windows, doorways, floor;
  • dry cleaning of doors and doorways of the entire room,
    washing skirting boards, railings, window sills, batteries;
  • washing the refrigerator from the outside and as an additional service – completely;
  • cleaning and rubbing shelves and cabinets. As an additional service – cleaning the cabinets inside with the removal of all things and after cleaning by carefully placing them all in their places;
    washing chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces and other lighting fixtures, followed by rubbing them to a shine;
  • cleaning the ceiling;
  • garbage collection, removal of bulky garbage.

You should choose us Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa:

  1. More than one hundred thousand square meters of premises cleaned by us.
  2. All objects were handed over to the owners impeccably, without a single comment, brought to shine.
  3. Dozens of apartments, working with us, become washed and clean every day.
  4. We serve huge entertainment centers, supermarkets, establishments, restaurants, state-owned enterprises, etc.
  5. Many years of experience.


If you want to plunge into the world of snowy, mirror-like cleanliness, then invite us, Cleaning Group, a Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa, and we will create comfort for you with crystal cleanliness

The cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group – is an actively developing company. We can offer our customers a high level of services, decency, professionalism, tolerance in communication, reliability. Our main principle of work is respect for the client and his wishes. We invite you to use the services of our team, we will fulfill any of your orders with high quality and clearly within the agreed time frame.

Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa is:

  • absolute guarantee of the quality of the work performed;
  • professional approach to work of any complexity;
  • maximum attention to each client plus an individual approach;
  • we have affordable prices, bonuses, discounts;
  • we work for you seven days a week, we will arrive at any time appointed by you;
  • by concluding a contract with us, you save your time and effort.

What is included in our services:

  1. Cleaning of your premises of any complexity.
  2. Dry dry cleaning and washing of the entire carpet, carpet, carpets, paths, interior carpets, wall hangings, rugs with removal and delivery, as well as at home with a team visit to the house.
  3. Laundry, cleaning, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, mattresses, sofas, chairs, armchairs, computer chairs, and so on.
  4. We wash heavy terry blankets, towels, rugs, woolen, synthetic winterizer blankets, viscose and silk carpets, car covers with gentle methods using high-quality chemicals.
  5. We clean and restore mattresses and pillows, change bedclothes.
  6. Washing of jackets, down jackets, sheepskin coats.
  7. Washing delicate and woolen items.
  8. Shirts and suits washing, ironing.
  9. Washing and cleaning of blinds.
  10. Blinds ironing with a steam generator.
  11. Disinfection, deratization are carried out only with high-quality materials from a trusted supplier.
  12. Washing and ironing curtains.
  13. Cleaning of overalls.

The interior of the room is its calling card. This is the first thing that immediately catches the eye of visitors and forms a definite impression. A dirty, dusty and not fresh look can ruin everything and vice versa: perfect cleanliness, chic and shine will impress the person entering the room and will dispose him to you.

How we are working:

  • if you found out about us and want to start cooperating, then you can contact us
    by phone or leave your request on our website, attach your phone number, our manager will definitely contact you;
  • if you have a desire to meet people who will clean your house, our team will come to your house the day before the start of the work. If everything suits you, then already at the facility you will be able to tell and show everything clearly, in order to eliminate all moments of experience altogether;
    our manager accepts the order, discusses all the details and scope of work, sets deadlines, agrees with you;
  • the brigade comes to you at the agreed time precisely and clearly without delay. The Vinnitsa Cleaning Group brigade is headed by a foreman who will receive the object and communicate directly with the customer. It discusses the moment of the need for the presence of the owner during the cleaning period;
  • the work is carried out by the team efficiently, professionally, quickly, taking into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer. The latest generation of chemical ecological gentle cleaning products are used. Cleaning, washing is done as carefully and accurately as possible;
    all specialists are trained and know the technique of handling chemicals and modern cleaning equipment;
  • the work is handed over to the customer by the foreman. If there are complaints, the team instantly corrects all the shortcomings that do not suit the owner of the premises. Payment is made at the end of cleaning according to a previously agreed price list.

Why doesn’t regular washing or cleaning help or is not suitable and dry cleaning is urgently needed? This is all due to ingrained greasy stains or stains of unknown origin, not fresh, old stains. In this way, textiles are cleaned using special solvents that are strong and capable of coping with what cannot be washed and washed. There is not always time and contacts where to go with a problem. And if it needs to be done urgently, but also efficiently and professionally, then the cleaning company Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa
with excellent staff quickly, on the day of ordering will come to your aid. The dry cleaning procedure is as necessary as cleaning the apartment. It is very undesirable and dangerous for human health when dust, germs, food debris or furniture gets damp inside the furniture, inside large interior dolls and toys. Our Cleaning Group specialists in Vinnitsa will fix everything, return the furniture to its presentation, clean and wash it without spoiling or damaging it.

How is the dry cleaning of upholstered furniture:

  1. Cleaning of upholstered furniture begins with dry cleaning with a powerful electric brush. This cleansing is deep and powerful.
  2. Next, you need to walk on the surface of the furniture with a special detergent in order to start the process of dissolving the dirt.
  3. The use of a special shampoo for treating furniture; the formed foam actively eats up and removes the remaining dirt, fills the furniture with freshness, renews it.
  4. A special vacuum cleaner for wet washing and cleaning comes into operation.

Ultimately, the furniture is stain-free, dust-free, clean, with a slight pleasant aroma, looks like new, and at the same time intact and not damaged.

Our Cleaning Group team in Vinnitsa 100% guarantees its customers reliability. Your furniture and all valuable things in your premises will be completely safe during the work of our team. For maximum results, we use only high-quality chemicals, we use modern professional equipment of high quality.

Help of professionals of the Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group in complex cleaning of premises after repair and cleaning of courtyards and facades during the period of leaf fall

With the onset of cold weather and the arrival of autumn, leaves inevitably appear in the courtyards of private houses and on the roofs of cottages. At first glance, it is very beautiful and safe, but if it rains or the temperature drops below zero, then ice forms and a problem arises: slippery and dirty. Therefore, here you will need a professional cleaning of the roofs and courtyard from leaves and ice in order to avoid slipping, injuries and damage to equipment. This work can be professionally handled by our team Cleaning Group – Cleaning Group.

How can you order leaf cleaning in the courtyard of a private cottage and from the roof of the house

The specialists of our team are ready to cope with this type of work professionally and at a high level using modern equipment and tools. You can order this type of service by coming personally to our office, by phone and on our website.

How much does it cost to remove leaves from the yard and roof

The cost of cleaning the yard, garden plot, roofs from leaves depends on the following factors:

  • the area of the roof that must be cleared of leaves and ice;
  • the area of the yard and personal plot, which must be removed from leaves and ice;
  • the complexity of the work being carried out is taken into account, for example, the number of storeys of the house, a large square, the area of the personal plot and yard;
  • difficulty of access to roof surfaces (the use of mountaineering, the necessary equipment).

How do we do this cleaning

At the first stage of such work, our team visits the site to assess the front of the work, in order to determine which tool needs to be connected in order to remove it as quickly and efficiently as possible. The area to be cleaned can be specially fenced in order to see the result of labor and for safety reasons. The cleaning of the leaves itself is carried out as carefully as possible in order to avoid damage to the roof, tiles, and decorations in the yard. If the house is multi-storey and it is necessary to clear the roof of leaves, then special tools are used, and the work is carried out by specially trained professional climbers.

We carry out leaf removal around the clock

Cleaning and removal of leaves around the clock using a loader and a dump truck. The cost of the work depends on the volume and is negotiated in advance. To order such a service, call us Cleaning Group, the Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa, or place an order on our website.

Trash removal

If you need to prepare an apartment for renovation, remove old wallpaper, dismantle the old floor, balcony, walls in the apartment, bathroom, and so on, all of the above work, if done on your own, will take a lot of time, and in the process of work such the amount of junk that an ordinary person, not a professional in cleaning, can go into hysterics. Our team A cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group will carry out this type of work as quickly and efficiently as possible and will preserve the stability of your nervous system.

Our team will help you:

  • dismantle the plumbing booth;
  • prepare the apartment for renovation;
  • dismantle a wooden house (workers will quickly break down the house, quickly take out all the garbage);
  • will arrange your move;
  • assemble and disassemble furniture;
  • urgently vacate office space with relocation;
  • prepare a house, garage, cottage, cottage for sale. Remove all trash and accumulated rubbish.

Why do you need us:

  1. We do not strive for one-time deals, we strive for cooperation on an ongoing basis.
  2. We do not want to be hired workers, we want to be partners with maximum trust in each other.
  3. We always listen carefully to our clients, are open to communication, respect subordination and are tolerant.
  4. We arrive at the facility without delay.
  5. Our experts advise completely free of charge, give advice, help to resolve issues in which the client is not entirely competent.
  6. We work seven days a week, adjusting to the client.

Washing and cleaning of premises after renovation

Everyone knows that the hardest thing is to clean the premises after renovation work. It is necessary to wash everything, clean it from dirt, greasy stains and stains of unknown origin, take out a bunch of garbage and this is just the beginning. To cope with such a difficult process is possible only thanks to high-quality cleaning agents, which are also safe, as well as professional equipment, which will lead to a successful completion and maximum result. You should not start the process yourself, if you are not a professional in this matter, contact us Cleaning Group Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa and it will take several days and will not last for eternal repairs.

Our services:

  • we clean the room from animal odors, carry out ozonation;
  • we carry out a comprehensive cleaning of the premises;
  • for adequate payment, we remove “killed” apartments;
  • we remove large footage in a short time;
  • we carry out on-site dry cleaning of sofas and carpets;
  • we wash the premises after construction work with special chemicals that are not allergenic and absolutely harmless to people, remove complex stains from all coatings, eliminate unpleasant unnatural odors by ozonation, wash floors, all horizontal surfaces, collect and sort garbage, take it out;
  • we wash furniture, if it gets dirty during the repair work, we wash the baseboards, window sills and all the far corners of the room;
  • dust-free walls, even from the finest dust;
  • wash the floors and rub them;
  • we wash door blocks;
  • we wash mirror and glass surfaces from dust and dirt;
  • we clean and wash sockets and switches;
  • bathrooms, baths, shower cabins, wash, clean, disinfect, clean the air from unnecessary unnatural smells of repair and chemistry;
  • we wash the tiles so that there are no white spots and streaks;
  • glue, varnish, whitewash, grout – we remove all this with powerful chemistry, but delicately so as not to damage the surfaces and safely gently wash the pieces of furniture if it was left during the repair. In our work, we use only ecological, safe and gentle means so as not to harm our health and the health of people who will be in this room.

Any construction work ends with good and high-quality cleaning. It is better if professionals are engaged in this, our team is Cleaning Group, a cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa. Only a team of professionals will qualitatively prepare the premises for living or any other operation, give the premises an aesthetic appearance without unnecessary problems and far-fetched troubles.

Terms of cooperation with us:

Call us or leave a request on the website and our manager will treat your order with maximum attention. Discuss the terms of the order with the manager, if necessary, order a team for the facility to estimate the volume of work to be done. Sign a service agreement with us. Set the day and time for the planned work. Further work is carried out and upon completion you accept the object, evaluate the quality of our work. You pay for our services. We have a flexible system of prices, bonuses and discounts. We work around the clock, seven days a week.

General cleaning of premises with a professional approach and a 100% guarantee of the quality of work performed with the Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group

Why are people afraid of the phrase “general cleaning”? Why is it constantly postponed, transferred? Yes, because it is associated with a huge amount of time and backbreaking work.

Very often we say: “I have no time!” There is no time to visit, call, do some work, see the one with whom we were planning … We are constantly busy, in a hurry somewhere, in our interactive time this is a familiar phenomenon. Every business person seeks to make the most of every second and get satisfaction from it, primarily material.

Now is the season of falling leaves, time for favorite books, rubber boots and walks in puddles, blankets and aromatic coffee. Do not try to steal this time from yourself, catch the moments. It is clear that daily indoor cleaning, cleaning and taking out leaves from the yard of your cottage, cleaning facades from the gifts of autumn, cleaning and cleaning roofs from leaves, cleaning an apartment, house, office and so on deprive you of the opportunity to spend your time as you would wanted, and not for routine work. Our Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group will be an excellent choice for you and a reliable assistant on an ongoing basis. Our capabilities and quality of work will satisfy the most demanding customers.

About me: We are a team of young, healthy, proven masters of their craft. We undergo special testing and training. We have such professional qualities as: resistance to stress, skill in the field of cleaning, responsibility, the ability to work in a mode when the customer sets several tasks at the same time, we have experience in cleaning, we are active, positive, and executive. Our team is led by a foreman. He accepts and hands over the object to the customer, monitors the quality of work of all team specialists, interacts with the manager who accepts the order, maintains and develops business relationships between the team and the customer, he is a person with extensive experience in the field of cleaning.

How to contact us

You can call our office. Our administrator accepts and processes all orders. Consults clients. By phone, you can find out all the information you need, prices, you will be informed of the entire list of services provided. If the client wishes to show the object in advance to make sure that our Cleaning Group team can do it, our foreman goes to the object and personally examines it, then discusses with the owner all the points and subtleties that may arise during the work. The client then formalizes the order.

Our administrator has experience in this area and is ready to work with clients at the highest possible level (he will listen, advise, prompt).

We can:

Our motto is – we act, we work actively, we develop! Plus experience, responsibility, professionalism:

  • cleaning an apartment, cottage, country house;
  • cleaning the facade, yard, pool from dirt, leaves, snow, construction debris;
  • cleaning sidewalks from dirt;
  • cleaning and cleaning of roofs;
  • collection of natural waste and construction waste in bags and removal from an apartment, house, office;
  • cleaning and cleaning the yard and roof from leaves around the clock;
  • export of leaves around the clock;
  • cleaning of entrances, supermarkets, offices, warehouses;
  • general cleaning of premises;
  • daily cleaning;
  • garbage and trash removal;
  • cleaning and washing objects after renovation;
  • weekly cleaning of apartments, houses, cottages;
  • we provide the service of a hostess assistant;
  • we make dry cleaning of furniture at home, as well as clean blankets, blankets, carpets, interior items;
  • cleaning the area near the house;
  • cleaning of restaurants, cafes.

General cleaning of premises

This type of cleaning should be regular. How often a room requires general cleaning depends on the number of people who are there or live there, the presence of children and animals. Our team A cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group is ready to take on all your worries related to creating perfect cleanliness and order in your home. With the help of modern technology and ecological detergents for cleaning, our specialists will clean up your room in a high-quality and professional manner, create ideal cleanliness and comfort in it. If you don’t like something or have any comments, our employees will take into account all your wishes right now, correct everything that doesn’t suit you, and you will be as satisfied as possible with the result of our work.

What is included in the general cleaning of the living quarters:

  • we wipe and remove dust from the surfaces of the room, interior items, from furniture, window sills, baseboards, chandeliers, lamps, floor lamps, paintings, sculptures;
  • wash mirrors, windows, chandeliers, mirror covers, mirrored cabinet doors;
    we vacuum all carpets, furniture, paths with a powerful vacuum cleaner, depending on the quality and composition of carpets, choose the type of cleaning (dry or wet);
  • wash skirting boards, batteries, window sills;
  • washing the floor throughout the room;
  • my closets (we carefully expose or take out things or objects that are stored there, my closet, then we place all things in the same order in their places);
  • collecting, assembling and taking out the trash.

General cleaning of the kitchen:

  • we wash the hood with high quality;
  • we wash the working surface of the stove, remove scale, grease, stains;
  • wash the entire kitchen set, rub it to a shine;
  • wash the refrigerator outside;
  • my gender.

General cleaning of the bathroom, bathroom:

  • by washing ceramic tiles with special chemicals until they shine, without streaks;
  • wash, we rub the doors, doorways, plinth and floor;
  • all accessories that are in the bathroom are washed, cleaned, disinfected;
  • if the ceiling requires washing, we carry out a wet cleaning, wash the lamp;
  • toilets, bathroom, cupboards with mirror fittings wash, clean, polish to a shine, disinfect, taking into account the delicacy of furniture and plumbing.

The Cleaning Group team consists of professionals who will come to your aid on the first call. We work seven days a week, 24 hours a day. We have discounts and bonuses for regular customers. We accept orders by phone and on our website.

If you decide to order a general cleaning of your premises, call us or leave a request on the website, we will contact you as soon as possible. We work smoothly and efficiently.