Cleaning services in Vinnitsia and region from 35 UAH per square metre

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A house and a cottage, shining with cleanliness and order, is a universal formula for happiness, understandable and effective. Cleaning company for cleaning apartments, houses, offices, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group professionally uses this formula

We plan our activities accordingly and feel stronger when we work in a group. Putting in order a house or a cottage, we stabilize the situation. In case of any difficulty, hard exhausting work, we are on the side of truth and maximum purity. Therefore, our results are always high, and this is our highest award.

If the holiday is about to begin, and the chores are in full swing: large-scale purchases, cooking, festive table design, and most importantly, house cleaning. All this can cause real stress. But don’t panic. You can order a cleaning service for houses and cottages in our cleaning company Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa.

Order the services of a cleaning company and create the warmth of a home.

  1. We have our own strategy, we do not take on work without a well-thought-out plan of action.
  2. Each cleaner does what he does best and does it perfectly.
  3. Without unnecessary nerves and panic, we take on the main rooms of the room: living room, kitchen, bathroom. Your guests will definitely visit them.
  4. If there are a lot of things and interior items in the house and they are everywhere, there will be no order. We propose to leave in mind the most necessary and determine each its place. The rest should be carefully packaged and put away. It is better to get rid of unnecessary and unnecessary things and not litter the room with them.
  5. In the freed space, we destroy dust from all surfaces. In our work, we use powerful vacuum cleaners, change nozzles, use a ladder to remove dust and cobwebs from false ceilings and corners, door slopes and windows.
  6. We carefully vacuum the furniture, shake the bedspreads, beat out the carpets, vacuum them. We clean carpets, poufs, bedside rugs with special nozzles.
    If necessary, we provide a dry cleaning service at home.
  7. Cleaning will be better and faster if you use special tools: ecological rags, high-quality detergent, a mop with different nozzles, napkins with a special pile structure, sponges of various hardness.
  8. With this approach, you will not see any stains or streaks.
    If you have made your interior a mirror kingdom, then its care should be appropriate. Specialists in professional cleaning of houses and cottages will make your premises shining and sparkling with cleanliness. A beautiful and clean chandelier is the first thing that catches the eye. Reinforce the impression of the house with this spectacle. A team of professionals from a cleaning company in
  9. Vinnitsa will deal with this first of all.
  10. Throw away everything that is not needed, old, defective and unusable.We will review the dishes together with you. Refresh, wash and throw away the bat. Coffee raids, stains, traces of cosmetics should not be on the surfaces of bowls and glasses.
  11. The cleaners responsible for the final part of the cleaning will make your cottage perfect with the finishing touch. Wiping the dust is not enough, you need to walk with a damp cloth over all surfaces of the room from top to bottom, starting from the ceiling, cabinets, bookshelves and ending with floors and baseboards.
  12. After cleaning the house or cottage in Vinnitsa, the room should shine and look fresh, we will ventilate it to eliminate all unnatural smells of chemicals.

If you do something good and useful, then there will be time and energy for it.

We know that time is money, therefore it is necessary to treat time sparingly and conserve energy.

The hostess spends most of her time in the kitchen, especially if there is a large family. Therefore, the kitchen needs special care. If you systematically wash the working surface of the stove from dirt and greasy stains, then you don’t have to waste energy and scrub it from dried scale. But if a problem has already formed, then there are little secrets that will help your stove to find beauty and a clean look. Specialists of the cleaning company Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa recommend not rubbing the stove with hard objects, it is worth applying a high-quality detergent to especially dirty places and the entire surface of the stove and leave it for a while. Then wash it well with a sponge using gentle chemicals.

The bedroom is your personal territory and outsiders may not see it, but you need to make yourself pleasant in the first place. Our cleaners will change the bedding, rugs, pillows and blankets will shake out and check in the fresh air.