Cleaning services in Vinnitsia and region from 35 UAH per square metre

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The results of our work

Called a rare quality the ability to see beauty in everything. The team of experienced cleaners of the Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa not only sees, but also creates cleanliness, order, beauty and comfort.

We have a well-established system of work. Order an apartment cleaning service after renting in Vinnitsa, voice your requests and wishes. We will give a clear answer to all your questions, tell you about the cost of services, indicate the date and time of the start of work.

Ways to implement the intended purity:

Only by correctly thinking through the ways to solve the problem and choosing the right and capable people, everything always turns out right away and without problems.

  • Once a goal has been identified, our cleaning team will come to your site, if necessary, in advance to inspect the premises and determine tasks to remove dirt and mess. Or on the day of signing the Agreement, as convenient for the Customer;
  • we will bring with us for professional cleaning of the apartment all the equipment according to the type of cleaning, safe chemicals, multi-colored ecological wipes, rags for especially polluted places, sponges of different colors and hardness and special brushes, we will take a steam generator;
  • order an apartment cleaning service after renting from the Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa and you will receive an impeccable and perfect quality of work as a bonus;
  • You will only need to pay for the final result;
  • we have a guarantee for all services provided;
  • our specialists do not allow themselves to look untidy. We clean houses and cottages in Vinnitsa in a special uniform, closed rubber shoes, masks or respirators, special gloves.

Cleaning tasks of any complexity are within our reach.

Our team of specialists went to this not a single day, and not a single year, we studied, passed tests, engaged in self-development, the ability to communicate with a client, and here are our results:

  • positive feedback and the kindest words of our regular customers;
  • our cleaners are specialists with significant experience in the field of cleanliness and order at a professional level;
  • Stubborn stains, greasy scale, pet hair, household mites, dirt in carpeting are a real problem that raises the question of immediate rectification of the situation or leads to the sad decision that such items should be disposed of. But they are expensive and they are popular. What to do in this situation? Seek advice and help from people who know how to solve such problems and provide cleaning services in Vinnitsa;
  • prices for our services can be found on our website of the company Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa.

We will tell you and teach you how to properly clean an apartment in Vinnitsa.

Cleaning an apartment after renting is a process that, in principle, cannot be built randomly, we come to you with a ready-made work plan:

  1. Everything seems to be clear and understandable from the very beginning, and there are no questions. Each of us is familiar with the process of cleaning our own homes. But if you do not know the professional complexities and subtleties, do not follow the rules of cleaning, then the result will be appropriate. No one claims that you can’t do the cleaning yourself, but if you want to get maximum cleanliness without spending your own time on it, then the services of a cleaning company in Vinnitsa Cleaning Group are exactly what you need now.
  2. We will clean the rooms and the corridor dry or wet.
  3. Remove dust from all coatings and surfaces.
  4. We will remove dust from hard-to-reach areas of the room.
  5. Let’s connect an industrial vacuum cleaner and walk it through the ceilings, cabinets, shelves.
  6. We will wipe off dust and wash window sills, radiators, baseboards, painted walls and washing wallpapers.
  7. Mirrors, glasses, windows, glass decor, chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps will first get rid of dust, then we will wash them and make them perfect and sparkling with special ecological napkins.
  8. Let’s put everything in its place, remove the bed linen, wash the dirty and iron.
  9. We will knock out all the carpets on the street, vacuum, disinfect, ventilate from chemical smells.
  10. Upholstered furniture will be treated with a steam generator, vacuumed. If necessary, we will carry out dry cleaning at home without leaving the workshop.
  11. The bathroom and toilet are simply obliged to sparkle with cleanliness, because your children can use them, therefore, in addition to cleaning and washing, we disinfect all surfaces, tiles, and objects of use.
  12. The kitchen is the business card of every housewife. The most difficult thing is the tile, we wash it with professional chemicals. We use dry and wet cleaning with brushes and sponges. Wash the refrigerator and oven from all sides and inside. Wash kitchen appliances and take out the trash.