Cleaning services in Vinnitsia and region from 35 UAH per square metre

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Cleaning in Vinnitsa at an affordable price. Order an express cleaning service for houses, apartments and offices from Cleaning group in Vinnitsa

Cleaning in Vinnitsa at an affordable price.

Cleaning is a relatively new type of service, but despite this, this service is very
in demand all over the world. Our company quickly gained the trust of customers, which is not
surprising, because we try to take into account the wishes of all customers.

Cleaning group professionals provide the following services:

  • One-time and general cleaning;
  • Cleaning and cleaning of apartments after renovation;
  • Express cleaning of houses, apartments and offices;
  • Cleaning panoramic windows, facades, glass and mirrors;
  • Cleaning from dust, dirt and stains of upholstered furniture and carpets;
  • Waste sorting and removal.

Customers who order a brigade of workers at home often think that the services
will be extraordinarily expensive and refer to Specialists from the Street. Alone and
without professional equipment, it is very difficult to clean large
premises, moreover, inviting a stranger from the street is dangerous.
Cleaning in Vinnitsa solves several problems at the same time. We’re not getting out
superficially, and we carry out complete cleaning and disinfection on all surfaces along
reasonable price, observing all the wishes of the customer.
The cleaning company in Vinnitsa is worried about its reputation and the times when
in the field of cleaning, retirees have long been behind. Self-respecting
business centers are increasingly turning to professional companies for
services they will be sure of.

Professional cleaning or cleaning lady?

What are the main differences between cleaning companies and cleaners?
To begin with, constant cleaning indoors is time-consuming and
effort. Of course, you can hire a housekeeper, but where is the guarantee that she
will be able to cope with a large room and complex tasks at the appointed
terms. For example, how an untrained person can wash large windows,
remove stubborn dirt or unpleasant odors?

Cleaning of industrial premises:

Cleaning services are very common among large corporations ranging from
cleaning warehouses and offices and ending with shopping centers. Large
the company is recruiting staff, which significantly helps in speed and
cleaning efficiency.

What are the responsibilities of employees:

  • One-time, daily or weekly cleaning;
  • Cleaning of furniture, windows, carpets, etc .;
  • Washing of mirrors, tables, glass and surface polishing;
  • Disinfection and cleaning of plumbing;
  • Plant care;
  • Taking out the trash;
  • Cleaning the neighborhood.

For customers, the refusal of cleaning services is also beneficial. Primarily,
expenses on salaries of employees are reduced. Secondly, you do not need to spend
for cleaning products and equipment. Our company uses
certified means and modern technologies.
As for the advantages, this is a reduction in the cost of repairs and the purchase of a new one.
furniture and electronics. So – how do cleaning companies use high-quality
detergents and cleaning agents, the service life of the furniture is essential
the period for replacing interior items is also increased significantly

Apartment cleaning includes the following items:

  • Removing dust from all surfaces (cabinets, bedside tables, shelves, electrical appliances, etc.)
  • Washing floors, walls, ceilings and balconies;
  • Plumbing cleaning;
  • Removal of plaque and grease in the kitchen;
  • Cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets.

The choice of specialists from the cleaning company is more rational from
economic considerations. The cleaning lady needs to pay as agreed in advance
the amount, regardless of the quality and volume of work done. The company
includes in the price certain types of services used by the client.
Savings can be up to 20%

How to choose a good cleaning company in Vinnitsa?

The number of cleaning companies is growing rapidly and gaining momentum. Cleaning
houses, offices, apartments and cottages offer both large and small
companies. One of the leaders of the company in Vinnitsa is the Сleaning group. Our
qualified employees take into account the wishes of customers, perform tasks
for the agreed period, we respond promptly and fulfill orders.
We actively cooperate with large companies, various centers and
government agencies.

The price of cleaning in Vinnitsa consists of
the following factors:

  • The size of the room and the amount of work;
  • Pollution degree;
  • The amount of furniture, electronics and some other factors;
  • The reputation of the company. Quality cleaning can only be provided by a company with
    work experience;
  • Customer feedback on the services provided by the companies;
  • Acceptable prices. You should not contact a company that tells you the price in advance without discussing the services, without the manager’s examination of the premises and taking into account the client’s requirements.

What are the consequences of unprofessional cleaning?

Private entrepreneurs cannot afford expensive equipment or good
cleaning agents that can damage furniture or damage
damage to health.

A significant disadvantage is the low speed of cleaning the premises. Cleaning
a large area by one person can take several days.
Cooperation with Cleaning group in Vinnitsa is guaranteed to help avoid many
problems and clean up on time.

How to order services in our company?

The cleaning service ordering process is extremely simple:

  • Call to the number indicated on the website. The operator will acquaint you with all the services
    and prices;
  • Departure of the manager to the object and assessment of the upcoming work;
  • Price negotiation with the client;
  • Signing a contract;
  • At the appointed time, the team arrives at the address and begins to perform the work;
  • At the end of the cleaning, the client evaluates the work and pays for the services.

The cleaning group is focused on building long-term business
relations with clients and takes into account all wishes. The whole
you can find the necessary information on our website
or by calling the operator