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Cleaning services in Vinnitsa. Order professional cleaning of houses, apartments, offices, summer cottages or warehouses from Cleaning group

Cleanliness of premises, fresh air and comfort are very important for every person, especially in
those places where we spend a lot of time.
The Cleaning group company provides a wide range of services and any work, be it
one-time cleaning or cleaning on an ongoing basis.

What we offer our customers:

  • Professional cleaning of houses, apartments, offices, summer cottages or warehouses
    will give you a few free hours and energy. All it takes is trust
    our professionals;
  • Daily or general cleaning after renovation or at the end
    construction will remove all traces of repairs and allow you to enjoy the interior.
    Workers will take out all the trash, eliminate unpleasant odors, remove stains and remove
    building materials and dust from surfaces;
  • One of the important items is the washing of windows, mirrors, glass and shop windows. IN
    in big cities, this service is extremely demanded, because every day
    new centers and shops are opening. Our company uses in its work
    only proven tools that do an excellent job of removing
  • Dry cleaning of carpets and various upholstered furniture is a very important point, since, in
    upholstered furniture accumulates a huge amount of dust, bacteria and dust
    ticks during operation.

For our clients, we offer services suitable for any requirement.
Our cleaning company in Vinnitsa provides services at affordable prices, with
aim to build long-term business relationships. Cleaning group constantly
is improving by training its new employees, using innovative
equipment and quality cleaning products for cleaning.
One of the most popular cleaning services is general cleaning. After cleaning
professionals, you only need to keep it clean.

Services that are included in the general cleaning of the room:

  • Removing dust and dirt from surfaces (cornices, cabinets, nightstands, etc.);
  • Washing windows, mirrors and other glass and mirror surfaces;
  • Dry and wet equipment care;
  • Cleaning of cabinets and bedside tables (if there is no filling inside);
  • Gentle cleaning of switches, fittings and handles;
  • Cleaning and polishing of wooden furniture;
  • Gentle ironing and cleaning of bed linen;
  • Garbage removal and packing;
  • Bacterization of hard-to-reach places (corners, baseboards, etc.).

General cleaning of the bathroom:

  • Wet and dry cleaning;
  • Cleaning walls, floors and ceilings;
  • Gentle cleaning of lighting fixtures;
  • Disinfection of plumbing fixtures, bathtubs, toilets and sinks;
  • Removal of mold and mildew;
  • Cleaning of fittings, shelves, cabinets and door handles;
  • Wet cleaning and bacterialization of corners and other hard-to-reach places.

General cleaning of the kitchen:

  • Removal of plaque and dust from the ceiling and walls;
  • Dry maintenance of electrical appliances;
  • Polishing glass, tile or ceramic interior items
  • Cleaning and degreasing the stove, oven, oven, etc .;
  • Eliminating odor and washing the refrigerator;
  • Disinfection of plumbing;
  • Sorting and disposal of waste;
  • Bacterization of hard-to-reach places;
  • Washing windows.


Beauty, sophistication, design solutions – all this is about the interior of apartments
created with all kinds of materials require careful and
constant care.
Cleaning large apartments is a very exhausting and troublesome process that
requires a lot of time and effort, and you really don’t want to do this in
free time or after work. In addition, this process requires
special knowledge of handling furniture. With this difficult task
our company in Vinnitsa will handle it.
Based on this, the services of our cleaning company are becoming
more popular.

List of services provided:

  • Washing walls, floors and ceilings;
  • Removal of dust from all surfaces;
  • Wet and dry cleaning;
  • Gentle cleaning of windowsills;
  • Dry cleaning of switches, handles, sockets and doors;
  • Wet and dry cleaning glass, mirror and wood surfaces without
  • Disinfection, removal of mold, mildew and plaque from bathtubs, toilets, toilets and
  • Cleaning ovens, ovens, refrigerators and other electrical appliances in the kitchen;
  • Waste sorting and removal;
  • Cleaning of carpets and other upholstered furniture;
  • Laundry and ironing of bed linen;
  • Cleaning of balconies and loggias.

Corporate space is an important part of the working
space, because in this environment there is always an employee,
negotiations, corporate meetings and meetings with partners are held.
Agree that meeting with partners or working in a dirty
the room is completely uncomfortable. Carry out cleaning of the office in Vinnitsa with Cleaning
group is not that expensive, you just need to contact our company.

What our company can offer:

Removing dust from surfaces, baseboards, cornices and window sills;
It is very important not to forget about washing the windows, because many modern offices
equipped with large panoramic windows;
Carpets, sofas and armchairs are cleaned using a special technique, which significantly
improves the appearance of furniture;
Dry and wet floor cleaning;
Specialists disinfect plumbing;
Removing garbage from trash bins.

Why choose Cleaning group in Vinnitsa?

First of all, in our company we train our employees in such
Thus, all employees are qualified professionals.
It often happens that an office or any other room needs to be prepared for
important meeting or event. Just contact us at the indicated number and
our team of specialists will arrive at your place as soon as possible.
The Cleaning group is committed to long-term relationships with customers, based on this,
we treat each customer individually and attentively. Before cleaning,
you can express any wishes, the company will do everything possible for them