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Complex cleaning – high-quality cleaning from the company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group. A service that suits you, your property and your business.

Why is there a tendency in the modern world today that a person is greeted and judged by clothes, a business partner is also by a wrapper, a house by a facade. Because visualization is a very important factor in creating the first impression, which will play an important role in making the final decision, and then there is a detailed acquaintance. And it doesn’t matter whether it is a person or a building, the impression of cleanliness, spaciousness, freshness, neatness attracts and disposes to itself. Therefore, our cleaning team Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa is your reliable partner in creating a business image. Our team offers professional cleaning services for apartments. We care about you, about your time, take into account the employment of clients and their level, therefore, we believe that it is more profitable and more interesting for a client to spend his precious time on family, business, hobbies, children, sports, recreation, on a loved one. As a rule, in the modern world, business people are so busy that they work almost seven days a week. And it would not be advisable to waste the moments free from work on cleaning. We treat our clients with understanding, we build flexible tolerant communication tactics, the slogan of which is: the client is always right and must always remain as satisfied as possible from the result of our work. It will be a huge advantage to order the cleaning of your house, office, premises from the Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, offices, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group, because we are a team of people with extensive experience, we use exclusively professional cleaning equipment in our work, we are not cleaners “From the street”, and the masters of their craft, who have a great desire to please their client, turn your home into a clean room, comfortable from cleanliness, light and freshness. We will be happy to put things in order in the house, near the house, in the bathhouse, pool, sauna.

House (apartment) cleaning includes:

  1. Washing the floor with two types of cleaning (wet, dry) or your choice. We take into account what material your floor is made of – linoleum, parquet, laminate, tiling, etc. We are trained professionals and we know how to work with each type of coating in order to clean, wash and not spoil.
  2. Washing of doors and washing of door blocks. We take into account what material the doors are made from. We work with special means to wash or wipe it with high quality without damage.
  3. Washing, cleaning, disinfection of bathrooms, toilets, toilets.
  4. Gentle cleaning, removing dust, stains, plaque from furniture using two cleaning techniques: dry or wet. Also, dust removal with ecological napkins from interior items.
  5. Washing of windows from the inside and outside, washing of frames, glass.
  6. Using a special vacuum cleaner with small brush attachments, remove dust deposits from sockets, chandeliers, lamps, switches.
  7. Washing of mirrors.
  8. Dry-cleaner of upholstered furniture, carpets, paths, sofas, armchairs, carpets, blankets, fur interior items.
  9. Garbage collection and sorting.
  10. Taking out the trash.

All this is provided for by a comprehensive cleaning, which will be performed for you by the Cleaning Group Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa.

Additionally, our team can provide you with the following cleaning services:

  1. Washing the surface of the stove (the panel on which the food is cooked)
  2. Washing the second bathroom, sauna, bath, pool.
  3. Removal of serious deposits, greasy stains, fresh and old on all surfaces of the room.

Our Cleaning Group team in Vinnitsa on a professional level will carry out general cleaning of the premises for you with hypoallergenic agents, using professional chemicals that will not harm your health, we use special ecological napkins for the gentle care of your furniture and valuable items that decorate your home , which gently and efficiently remove dust for more than one day. From our practice, an apartment cleaned thanks to ecological napkins, brushes, mops shines for a whole week and needs only maintenance cleaning.

If you need to tidy up a country cottage, we will readily get down to business. Our professional cleaners are trained and know how to easily remove a huge layer of dust and dirt, easily cope with the consequences of repairs and disasters (fire, flooded).

It’s very hard to trust the first time

Our team treats with understanding a client who is not familiar with us and this is his first experience of communication and cooperation with a cleaning company. From the first minute of our acquaintance, we will help you determine the scope of work, prices, provide a catalog of services, tell you how the team works, discuss whether you want to be present during the cleaning or not. Our workers are trusted people and you will not have to worry about your property and its integrity and condition. We will introduce you to the reviews about our team and the work performed, and you will understand that our Cleaning Group team in Vinnitsa can be completely trusted.

The quality of our work

Cleaning, washing, dry cleaning is carried out using a special system, exclusively developed by our company, provides perfect cleaning, complete absence of dirt, dust, plaque, stains, streaks. The process is carried out in full agreement with the customer.

The process of washing, cleaning and dry cleaning is carried out using environmentally friendly materials and proven chemicals, washed as large pieces of furniture and coatings down to the smallest detail. The cleaning process can be supplemented by the use of special technologies to eliminate oil stains, beetles, bugs, and to remove the smallest particles. We select and offer you individual solutions to problems for particularly dirty, “killed” surfaces and the most difficult cases. We carry out complex processes of cleaning, drying, conditioning professionally and conscientiously.

Our team is highly experienced. Together with our clients, we go through the entire cleaning process until the most positive result. With our extensive professional knowledge in the field of cleaning, we guarantee you that the process of cleaning and putting things in order in your house, office, cottage, cottage will be in the direction of obtaining excellent quality work at an affordable price.

Why you can trust us

To achieve the highest goal – comfort – cleanliness – a satisfied client, the activities of our Cleaning Group team in Vinnitsa cover all stages of cooperation with the customer, from accepting the order and diplomatically conducting a dialogue with the client to the moment the object is handed over.

Our company has its own developed cleaning technologies, which have been applied in practice and have had some success with customers.

The extensive experience of our employees sets as its main goal to please the client with the result of the work done, so that the customer would mark our team with the highest score and recommend it to other people in need of cleaning services. Business communication with the client, respect for his wishes, the ability to listen to the customer and fulfill his requirements – these are the components without which the work of our cleaning group is not possible. Our company has its own project, its own price list, website, phone numbers for feedback. Our large staff of employees sets as their task to do their job so high quality, using the most effective methods of its implementation, and at the same time keep the owner’s property safe and sound. We use modern methods of cleaning, we carry out works on washing and cleaning with high-quality modern equipment, we clean natural, woolen and fur coatings using chemicals that are environmentally friendly for humans, hypoallergenic, thereby ensuring the proper quality of cleaning.

Our team philosophy:

We are a strong and highly qualified staff of people who directly cooperate with our clients openly, tolerantly, honestly, and with dignity. We develop solutions that can improve your life, make your office clean, beautiful and comfortable, optimize and simplify the entire cleaning process for you, from the first days of acquaintance to the final completion of the project. As a result of our activity, we received feedback from our new and regular customers, you can find them on our website and we will gladly provide you with them.

Our policy is to focus on the client, build our strategic plans exclusively according to the customer’s requests, expand the client base, retain the well-deserved prestige, and increase the number of commercial orders. Thanks to long-term cooperation with regular customers, to gain recognition among their relatives, acquaintances, employees. We are always ready for expansion: in our friendly team we are glad to see a new person, a real professional in his field, with a great desire to work and who knows his own methods or the secrets of high-quality cleaning and is ready to actively use them in his work. With the experience gained over the years, we strengthen our business with a permanent client base and the accumulated capital of positive feedback, we gain a foothold in the cleaning market, as an excellent team and you become our regular customers.

Security aspects of our work. Environmental friendliness. Direction of activity

In the conditions of the dynamically developing modern world, our company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group prioritizes the environmental aspect of its activities. The implementation of this aspect is to reduce the use of harmful powerful chemical materials in their work that can easily cope with the task at hand, but cause irreparable harm directly to cleaning workers and people who have turned to us for cleaning help. We are constantly working to protect ourselves and the client as much as possible from the influence of the cleaning process with chemical agents.

The quality of the work performed by us, the most important tasks that were assigned to the team to perform serious work after repairing or removing the most difficult deposits and stains go in tune with the aspects of health, safety and responsibility in accordance. We are known because our activities are in demand and have received a lot of positive feedback from our clients. We are committed to quality, environmental friendliness at work, subordination in communication with the client, honest and disciplined. We are guided by the policy: “no defects in the work with the customer.” Protecting the environment in general and the surrounding atmosphere of our clients’ homes, offices, cottages and reducing the impact on it of chemical compounds and huge tons of garbage and dust are the most important tasks of our team. It is about collecting, sorting and recycling or taking out garbage. Cleaning must be effective, but with the effective use of environmentally friendly materials, with waste disposal, reduction in the use of toxic chemicals for serious damage that can change the microclimate of the home and negatively affect human health. Our attitude to the quality of work, the quality of work performed and the protection of human health meet the highest standards.

Who we work with:

  1. Residential complexes.
  2. Offices.
  3. Industrial premises.
  4. Medical institutions.
  5. Shopping centers.
  6. Country cottages.
  7. Parking lots.
  8. Private houses.

Loyal system of discounts and bonuses.

  • regular customers;
  • when concluding a contract for daily cleaning for a period by agreement (half a year);
  • washing dishes as a bonus (it is necessary to stipulate under what conditions of ordering cleaning).

We provide a service – disinfection of the premises

This is a comprehensive approach to cleaning, aimed at eliminating toxins and pathogens of various infections. This is a serious type of room disinfection. To carry out this type of cleaning, we use special disinfectants, if you need this type of service, we will provide a list of chemicals for cleaning and disinfection. We guarantee safety and quality, since we have knowledge of cleaning technologies, we know how to handle equipment and apply chemistry in practice.