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Do you want your room to shine with cleanliness, became light, clean and comfortable? General cleaning from Cleaning Group is a high result of professionalism.

A dirty, dusty and stuffy room that has not been cleaned for a long time is not an aesthetic place, one does not want to be, live or work in it. In such a room, human health can be seriously affected, an allergy can occur that has never happened. In an apartment or house, rooms that have not been washed in time with items of use and interior make the air dirty. The accumulation of dust and mold can lead human health to irreversible processes. If you want your home to shine with cleanliness every day, just keep it clean and clean yourself as often as possible. But if you want to preserve your health, take care of it, then connect the proven and experienced cleaners of the cleaning company of apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group to the process.

General cleaning isn’t just about mopping and dusting. It is a process with its own strategy, goals and objectives. Each housewife can compare spring cleaning with a fire or war, in which a person is confronted by the terrible energy of disorder and it is pointless to fight it without a plan or strategy. Such obstacles will simply break the psyche.

  1. The inviolability and orderliness of cleaning is the basis for the efficiency of the premises and the presence of people in it.
  2. Both in life and in general cleaning – everything is on the shelves.
  3. With the least amount of time – the maximum possible result.
  4. Plots of the premises are distributed among the team members. Cleaners begin exactly where they are competent and take full responsibility for the job.
  5. General cleaning of apartments in Vinnitsa is a cleaning that should be carried out at least three times a year.
  6. Such cleaning is not tied to the holidays, it is carried out a couple of weeks before the event.
  7. Doing general cleaning, Cleaning Group “attacks” absolutely the entire territory, starting from the top and ending with the bottom. In such cleaning, it is not permissible to ignore at least one corner of the room, drawer or space behind the closet. Absolutely nothing is crushed here. Why does cleaning start from the ceiling? This is for convenience and acceleration of the pace and speed in work, since there are no objects at the top and it is not cluttered.

General cleaning “operation”:

  • we begin general cleaning of houses, cottages and apartments in Vinnitsa from the ceiling and washing windows. We let light and clean air into the room. We remove and wash curtains and curtains. Dry;
  • we fight the cobwebs, vacuum or remove it from the ceiling with a dry napkin;
  • we wash plafonds, chandeliers, sconces and other lighting fixtures;
  • we clean in cupboards and cupboards. In this case, we take out the contents, remember the sequence, carefully fold and in the same sequentially again place everything on the shelves;
  • select a separate box and put together with the Master everything that has not been worn or used during the year. Or we get rid of the trash;
  • wash all the equipment that is in the room. We remove all removable parts, wash from the inside, lay out, dry;
  • refrigerator cleaning is one of the main stages of general cleaning in Vinnitsa. Here, the tactics are the same as with the wardrobe and shelves;
  • at the end of cleaning, we vacuum and wash the floors. We take the carpet out into the street, dry it, coward it, ventilate it, bring it in and vacuum it;
  • we wash the floors meticulously and meticulously, looking into every corner, wiping every millimeter of space;
  • we ventilate all rooms, get rid of extraneous and unnecessary odors of chemistry;
  • we hang curtains, curtains and curtains on the windows;

Our team is the best!

The cleaning is complete, the finishing touches are done quickly, efficiently and relatively inexpensively. Absolutely everything has been removed: living rooms, kitchen, corridor and services. Even the smallest details of the room have been washed and cleaned to a mirror shine. The question is closed: “where to start?” And you need to start with contacting us, with a team of professional cleaners of the company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group! If you decide to put the perfect order in the house, call us, we will shift all the moments and difficulties onto our shoulders.