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Happy New Year There are many reasons to keep your home clean, shiny and fresh! Free yourself from grueling work, keep yourself healthy, and also get a discount Your constant assistant will help – a team for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group

If you are used to cleaning your house the old-fashioned way, then you will definitely be surprised by the new modern approach to this process. As a result of cleaning, living in a clean house, washed without chemicals at all, is not only a pleasant bonus, but also a guarantee of health for the whole family. Our team of experienced cleaners in the cleaning of houses and apartments in Vinnitsa provides professional cleaning services.

Who needs eco-cleaning?

Ecological cleaning is suitable for absolutely everyone, but it is especially recommended if:

  • there are small children in the house;
  • people with allergies;
  • people with asthma;
  • animals;
  • people with skin diseases.

Gentle ecological cleaning is designed to keep your home clean while taking care of your health.

How do eco-products cope with cleanliness?

This is as much a serious assistant in cleaning apartments in Vinnitsa as strong chemical agents. Only cleaning will be as gentle as possible and will not spoil the coatings in the room in any way, that is, one more plus: careful care of your furniture, floors, coatings. And it will cope with contaminated areas in the room no worse than aggressive chemicals, but at the same time it will carefully clean natural coatings.

What is the difference between eco-cleaning and the usual general cleaning of apartments in Vinnitsa?

  • Apartments in Vinnitsa are cleaned with extremely gentle hypoallergenic detergents, which do not contain aggressive components;
  • The steam generator copes well with dirt and germs. We carry out steam cleaning of contaminated areas of housing, along with cleaning, disinfection is also carried out. Thanks to this harmless but effective method, germs disappear and dirt evaporates. Steam can clean not only fabric coverings of upholstered furniture, steam can remove dirt from any surfaces, for example, window frames, plumbing;
  • The result of cleaning – maximum cleanliness and freshness.

What is included in eco-cleaning:

  1. Mine, we clean the walls.
  2. Steam treatment of furniture.
  3. Wash lamps, floor lamps, lamps, chandeliers with gentle means.
  4. We process all horizontal surfaces of the room, including natural coatings.
  5. We carefully transfer all interior items to another place, wash them, rub the surfaces where they stood, and also carefully remove the dust from the items themselves, then place them sequentially in their places.
  6. Cleaning services Vinnitsa within the framework of eco – cleaning provides for the washing out of the most invisible areas of the room, including skirting boards and doorways.
  7. We clean carpets, paths, carpeting, upholstered furniture in a dry way.
  8. We wash Vinnitsa windows with special ecological napkins that do not leave marks and streaks on the glass.
  9. Professional cleaning of an apartment with eco-friendly means copes well with heavy dirt on floors, baseboards, door blocks and window sills.
  10. There will be no problems with glass surfaces if you regularly wash them with special and non-aggressive means. Do not allow them to become stuck in dust and dirt.
  11. There are lighting fixtures on the ceiling, we wash crystal chandeliers with special means for them, we use special rags for washing and rubbing, which bring the glass to a shiny state.
  12. We clean the walls from dried dust and remove dirt from the ceiling. When cleaning, we resort to a mop, which we use dry.
  13. We clean inside the cabinets and shelves. (We agree in advance whether it is possible to empty cabinets and shelves on our own). We clean with a wet method, wait until the surfaces are dry, and put things in place in the same order.
  14. Cornices, air conditioners, radiators, blinds, heating boilers carefully and well get rid of dust.
  15. Particular attention should be paid to trash cans and baskets. Unpleasant odors, stuck dirt and dried food residues can be “preserved” there. We wash it out especially carefully, remove extraneous odors.
  16. Leather furniture requires a special approach and care. Eco – means flawlessly cope with this task.