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Help of professionals of the Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group in complex cleaning of premises after repair and cleaning of courtyards and facades during the period of leaf fall

With the onset of cold weather and the arrival of autumn, leaves inevitably appear in the courtyards of private houses and on the roofs of cottages. At first glance, it is very beautiful and safe, but if it rains or the temperature drops below zero, then ice forms and a problem arises: slippery and dirty. Therefore, here you will need a professional cleaning of the roofs and courtyard from leaves and ice in order to avoid slipping, injuries and damage to equipment. This work can be professionally handled by our team Cleaning Group – Cleaning Group.

How can you order leaf cleaning in the courtyard of a private cottage and from the roof of the house

The specialists of our team are ready to cope with this type of work professionally and at a high level using modern equipment and tools. You can order this type of service by coming personally to our office, by phone and on our website.

How much does it cost to remove leaves from the yard and roof

The cost of cleaning the yard, garden plot, roofs from leaves depends on the following factors:

  • the area of the roof that must be cleared of leaves and ice;
  • the area of the yard and personal plot, which must be removed from leaves and ice;
  • the complexity of the work being carried out is taken into account, for example, the number of storeys of the house, a large square, the area of the personal plot and yard;
  • difficulty of access to roof surfaces (the use of mountaineering, the necessary equipment).

How do we do this cleaning

At the first stage of such work, our team visits the site to assess the front of the work, in order to determine which tool needs to be connected in order to remove it as quickly and efficiently as possible. The area to be cleaned can be specially fenced in order to see the result of labor and for safety reasons. The cleaning of the leaves itself is carried out as carefully as possible in order to avoid damage to the roof, tiles, and decorations in the yard. If the house is multi-storey and it is necessary to clear the roof of leaves, then special tools are used, and the work is carried out by specially trained professional climbers.

We carry out leaf removal around the clock

Cleaning and removal of leaves around the clock using a loader and a dump truck. The cost of the work depends on the volume and is negotiated in advance. To order such a service, call us Cleaning Group, the Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa, or place an order on our website.

Trash removal

If you need to prepare an apartment for renovation, remove old wallpaper, dismantle the old floor, balcony, walls in the apartment, bathroom, and so on, all of the above work, if done on your own, will take a lot of time, and in the process of work such the amount of junk that an ordinary person, not a professional in cleaning, can go into hysterics. Our team A cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group will carry out this type of work as quickly and efficiently as possible and will preserve the stability of your nervous system.

Our team will help you:

  • dismantle the plumbing booth;
  • prepare the apartment for renovation;
  • dismantle a wooden house (workers will quickly break down the house, quickly take out all the garbage);
  • will arrange your move;
  • assemble and disassemble furniture;
  • urgently vacate office space with relocation;
  • prepare a house, garage, cottage, cottage for sale. Remove all trash and accumulated rubbish.

Why do you need us:

  1. We do not strive for one-time deals, we strive for cooperation on an ongoing basis.
  2. We do not want to be hired workers, we want to be partners with maximum trust in each other.
  3. We always listen carefully to our clients, are open to communication, respect subordination and are tolerant.
  4. We arrive at the facility without delay.
  5. Our experts advise completely free of charge, give advice, help to resolve issues in which the client is not entirely competent.
  6. We work seven days a week, adjusting to the client.

Washing and cleaning of premises after renovation

Everyone knows that the hardest thing is to clean the premises after renovation work. It is necessary to wash everything, clean it from dirt, greasy stains and stains of unknown origin, take out a bunch of garbage and this is just the beginning. To cope with such a difficult process is possible only thanks to high-quality cleaning agents, which are also safe, as well as professional equipment, which will lead to a successful completion and maximum result. You should not start the process yourself, if you are not a professional in this matter, contact us Cleaning Group Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa and it will take several days and will not last for eternal repairs.

Our services:

  • we clean the room from animal odors, carry out ozonation;
  • we carry out a comprehensive cleaning of the premises;
  • for adequate payment, we remove “killed” apartments;
  • we remove large footage in a short time;
  • we carry out on-site dry cleaning of sofas and carpets;
  • we wash the premises after construction work with special chemicals that are not allergenic and absolutely harmless to people, remove complex stains from all coatings, eliminate unpleasant unnatural odors by ozonation, wash floors, all horizontal surfaces, collect and sort garbage, take it out;
  • we wash furniture, if it gets dirty during the repair work, we wash the baseboards, window sills and all the far corners of the room;
  • dust-free walls, even from the finest dust;
  • wash the floors and rub them;
  • we wash door blocks;
  • we wash mirror and glass surfaces from dust and dirt;
  • we clean and wash sockets and switches;
  • bathrooms, baths, shower cabins, wash, clean, disinfect, clean the air from unnecessary unnatural smells of repair and chemistry;
  • we wash the tiles so that there are no white spots and streaks;
  • glue, varnish, whitewash, grout – we remove all this with powerful chemistry, but delicately so as not to damage the surfaces and safely gently wash the pieces of furniture if it was left during the repair. In our work, we use only ecological, safe and gentle means so as not to harm our health and the health of people who will be in this room.

Any construction work ends with good and high-quality cleaning. It is better if professionals are engaged in this, our team is Cleaning Group, a cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa. Only a team of professionals will qualitatively prepare the premises for living or any other operation, give the premises an aesthetic appearance without unnecessary problems and far-fetched troubles.

Terms of cooperation with us:

Call us or leave a request on the website and our manager will treat your order with maximum attention. Discuss the terms of the order with the manager, if necessary, order a team for the facility to estimate the volume of work to be done. Sign a service agreement with us. Set the day and time for the planned work. Further work is carried out and upon completion you accept the object, evaluate the quality of our work. You pay for our services. We have a flexible system of prices, bonuses and discounts. We work around the clock, seven days a week.