Cleaning services in Vinnitsia and region from 35 UAH per square metre

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High-quality cleaning of apartments, shops and any other real estate in Vinnitsa. Order any kind of cleaning services from Cleaning Group.

Each owner of real estate, whether it be an apartment, a large store, a hotel or an enterprise, sees his premises as perfectly cleaned, clean and bright, respectively, the question arises of finding an assistant who will quickly and urgently provide his services. We, the Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa, will respond and immediately resolve your issues, help you cope with emotional stress and cleaning. We will do all this on time and with high quality.

If you are interested in all types of cleaning, you can see the list of our services or contact us. In the telephone mode, when it is convenient for the client, we can describe the entire scope of work that needs to be done for cleaning, determine how urgently it is necessary to carry out cleaning, the scale and type of cleaning, time and, accordingly, calculate the price of the work done. Also, together with you, we will resolve the issue of the need for the presence of the owner at the time of the work being carried out. We will certainly discuss the issue of your assessment of the quality of the work that our Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa will cope with.

There is a certain misconception about the pricing policy for the provision of cleaning services among customers. Very often people draw fabulous prices for cleaning services for themselves, do not try to contact trusted companies, do not specify prices, but often look for where it is cheap, as a result of which they fall on scammers or amateurs, saving money, taking risks and inviting unfamiliar unverified people to into your house. At best, such dubious cooperation can end up with substandard work, poorly performed, with property damage. Our company Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa takes care of each of its clients, promises to respect people and their property.

If you still doubt whether you can do it on your own or you need professional help, then you should contact us! The Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa, by its own example, will show each of its clients how professional cleaning differs from the work of an ordinary cleaner:

  • with us, each client, if desired, can conclude an agreement for long-term cooperation, for regular cleaning;
  • our Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa will never refuse to provide its services due to employment, will not make a person wait long, will not say that the client’s request is insignificant and it is not profitable for the company to take on its implementation;
  • we undertake an order of even the minimum volume;
  • in our work, we use exclusively professional equipment that copes with large, huge volumes of work very quickly and proportionally with high quality;
  • in its work, our company uses cleaning products that have passed certification without fail. This approach will protect your property from damage, damage, will enable the contractor to perform better cleaning, removing stains, scale, serious technical plaque from surfaces, as well as there will be no poisonous smell of chemistry in the room;
  • cleaning facilities can be residential, so we are especially careful and responsible when choosing personnel. Our employees are proven people in all aspects of the employment contract: they are specialists who know their business, have extensive experience in the field of cleaning, without bad habits, people who value their time, income from work performed and provide a high-quality result of their work;
  • we do not overestimate the prices for our services, but on the contrary, we value each of our clients; for constant cooperation and contacting our Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa, we provide discounts to regular customers;
  • we are always glad to the wishes of the client, we take them into service, we offer additional services;
  • we are happy with constructive criticism, if it arises, we immediately correct the moments in which the customer either doubts or is not satisfied, we sum up the results, where the client is most satisfied with our work.

Each customer can familiarize himself with the responsibilities of our specialists in order to clearly and objectively assess the quality of their work:

  • you can contact us by phone and conclude a cooperation agreement on our website;
  • our company can visit the facility, assess the scope of work, designate a price list, negotiate all the details and moments for cleaning the premises on the spot with a representative from the customer;
  • the deadlines for the completion of the work and the number of commissioning of the object are clearly negotiated;
  • questions about personnel, their qualifications and trust are resolved at the beginning of the transaction;
  • we provide certificates of disinfectants;
  • the issue of a discount is resolved if the client is from a permanent client base;
  • the calculation is carried out after the delivery of the object to the customer, provided that there are no claims and additional requirements or wishes.

There is a lot of competition on the marketplaces among the many cleaning service companies. Our Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa is your reliable partner, the essence of which is customer respect, clarity, decency, professionalism.

What determines the price of the cleaning work done:

  • from the set deadlines for the work;
  • on the type of service provided (wet cleaning, general cleaning, cleaning after repairs, etc.);
    from what is included in the selected type of cleaning, for example, washing windows, cleaning the surface of walls, floors, etc.;
  • window cleaning and additional services are not included in the cost of cleaning after renovation;
  • permanent basis of cooperation or seasonal cleaning;
  • we carry out dry cleaning of carpets on the spot, without removal;

price list for additional services:

washing a bathroom, washing tulle, curtains, removing and installing them, washing a shower room, washing kitchen appliances, dining utensils, a microwave oven can be viewed on the website of our Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa.