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How much time do you spend cleaning? Are you sorely missing him? Use the services of professionals of the company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group

We are a team of young and active cleaners, we know our business very well, we cope with the most difficult tasks in a short time. We work seven days a week, around the clock. We will select the most convenient time for you, so as not to interfere with your work or the usual rhythm of life. You can be present during the cleaning, or you can do more important and enjoyable things. Our specialists are proven, experienced and are fully responsible for the safety of the property and the quality of the work performed. You can order our services by leaving a request on the website. Our manager will immediately call you back, clarify all the details, all the points and your requirements, announce the price for services and tell you how you can place an order for cleaning. If you have any doubts, we will be glad to meet with you in our office and discuss all the details of the upcoming cooperation. We will provide you with a photo report “before and after cleaning”, we will introduce you to the reviews of our customers, you will see for yourself that many of them have become our regular customers. At the meeting, we will agree on when it is most convenient for you to carry out cleaning, our specialists will come to your site and start working immediately after signing the contract. Payment for our services is made after the completion of all work, when you accept the object and are satisfied with the result.
When meeting in person with our clients, we always ask about their house cleaning habits. And, as a rule, it turns out that cleanliness is important to absolutely everyone. People spend a lot of time putting things in order in their homes. This often causes depression and negative emotions in people. This reaction is due to the catastrophic lack of time for cleaning among busy people. Homeowners do not agree to live in a dirty and dusty house, and the workload at the enterprise, company or employment with children does not give an opportunity to devote themselves to cleaning. This raises a dilemma that creates a bad mood. Contact our company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group, and we will help you with household issues, create a mood, and you will ask yourself for a long time why you didn’t call us earlier. After all, the team that put in order thousands of apartments and houses knows how to thoroughly clean the premises. Our cleaners will tell you and give you useful advice for the future in what they are professionals.

Where do we start:

  1. We arrive at the object and determine the order of our actions. We distribute the work between specialists and everyone is responsible for their area of ​​work, in which they are most competent. If the Hosts decide to stay at home during the cleaning, then we start cleaning from the living room. Having removed it perfectly, we ask the family to move into this room so as not to interfere with each other.
  2. We take aim at all open and accessible surfaces, begin to clean and tidy them up. We carefully put all non-dimensional and small items from cabinets, tables, shelves into one place in a certain sequence. We remember where what stood. This makes cleaning easier and allows you to thoroughly wash and grate everything.
  3. We ask the Hosts if they need all these things, if they have been forgotten or have not been used for a long time, then we offer the Hosts to deal with them, review them, throw away unnecessary things so as not to store trash. This approach will make it easier for people to clean up in the future, save them from additional dust.
  4. We clean and wash from top to bottom. We are often asked if we can wash stretch ceilings. Yes, we can, but for this we ask you to notify our manager in advance and schedule this service for cleaning. We will bring a special ladder so that it is easy to reach the ceiling and wash it well. Then you should clean the mezzanines and cabinets from dust and dirt. Only after that we start cleaning tables and upholstered furniture. At the very end of the cleaning process, we wash the floors.
  5. When all the living rooms are perfectly cleaned, we proceed to the service areas. This is because, when cleaning rooms, we change the water a million times, wash the rags in the sink, and if you wash it at the beginning of cleaning, it will get smeared and it will need to be washed again and again.
  6. If you do not want to take your furniture to dry cleaning, then we have provided such a service. We will take with us everything that is necessary for this and will bring your furniture into perfect condition with high quality. We will ventilate the room and remove all traces and smells of dry cleaning.
  7. If you have a lot of mirrors, glass surfaces, windows, glass interior items in your house, we will cope with this easily and efficiently. We use special and professional chemistry that removes stains, does not leave streaks, and is gentle. We purchase it from trusted suppliers and are absolutely responsible for its quality. Your chandeliers and mirrors will shine in the sunlight.

Cleaning secrets:

  1. Immediately before starting cleaning, remove all unnecessary and small items. Remove, not rearrange. This is important because the rearrangement is time consuming and extremely unnerving.
  2. As often as possible, it is necessary to change the dirty water and wash out the napkins with which you clean. So you will see the result of your labor faster and finish cleaning faster too.
  3. When you wash the surfaces: floor, table, dry well and immediately wipe them, otherwise you will have to remove streaks and stains from dried water.
  4. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink for a long time; try to wash them as soon as possible. So you will preserve its appearance, you will not need to wash the sink from food debris for a long and tedious time and remove unpleasant odors in the room.
  5. We recommend washing and cleaning the stove and oven immediately after cooking. Dried and old greasy stains are much more difficult to clean with fresh ones.
  6. If on an ongoing basis you do not take care of your things, furniture, carpets, then cleaning is unlikely to help you and will return them newness. It is better to take care of things, take care of them, than then try to restore them.

What we use in cleaning:

Our arsenal is small, but important. We use quality cloths and napkins for cleaning and rubbing windows. For the kitchen, we prefer microfiber napkins; we clean all other surfaces with artificial suede cloths. Our team for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group prefers cleaning products without odors. It is better to clean the toilet and bathroom with chemistry with a spray. I wash the floors, too, with the addition of gentle detergents to the water. We add a special shampoo for the washing vacuum cleaner to the vacuum cleaner.