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How to make cleaning pleasant, turn it into a game, an exciting activity? Knows the team for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group

The most reliable rear is our home, a reliable fortress, the protection of every person. Therefore, our task with you is to take care of it, to keep it clean and tidy, to protect it. And you should not do it alone. Don’t take it all on your shoulders, involve your entire family and share the cleaning responsibilities. But if there is absolutely no time and opportunity at all, do not quarrel and do not waste each other’s nerves, entrust this occupation to professionals and do not for a moment doubt that they will cope with the tasks. The cleaning team for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group will turn routine hard work into a work process that will be completed on time and with high quality. Our team includes young cleaning professionals who are active and willing to work. Specialists have undergone special training courses and are ready to take a responsible approach to the most serious pollution and problems. They are trained and specially tested, so there is no need for you to spend your time on quality control of work. Our team has a manager who will take care of this. It is known that it is practically impossible to wash off dried dust or old greasy stains with ordinary powder. Our masters use special strong but gentle detergents in their work, know how to use them, know how to dilute them in the right proportions and how not to harm their health. Safety precautions must be taken into account in the work of the team. Cleaners work accurately, carefully, wearing a special uniform and gloves.
Our team of masters for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group will bring your premises into perfect shape and give valuable practical advice for the future:

  1. We will start our cleaning not with dusting off, but with a vacuum cleaner. This will prevent the dust from settling back to the same places.
  2. Cleaning the bathroom, toilet and shower is not easy, especially if they are heavily soiled. At the beginning of cleaning, it is worth pouring or filling these surfaces with special detergents and letting them stand. In the meantime, we will do other work. At the end of the cleaning, we will move on to the soaked surfaces, on which the dirt has managed to dissolve, and is already easy to wash.
  3. If in an apartment or house you notice places that need long-term washing, they also need to be pretreated, disinfected and deeply cleaned. We start work from these areas, and then we do other things.
  4. In hard-to-reach places, dirt is not always conspicuous, therefore it is “age-old”. These are the corners of the apartment, recesses, cornices, mezzanines, grooves in plumbing, various containers and household appliances. There is a little secret: you can wash such places with an ordinary toothbrush. It’s simple and effective.
  5. Purchase an antistatic agent and walk it over the surfaces of all equipment, treat the TV. Rub all these places with a special napkin and you will not see dust at all in the next few days.
  6. Life hack for the refrigerator: put ordinary activated carbon in the refrigerator, this will cleanse it of foreign strong odors, it will absorb them in itself and you will hear exceptionally freshness from the refrigerator.
  7. Before cleaning the kitchen, we treat all surfaces, stove, backsplash, sink and tiles with a special anti-grease detergent. We are waiting for the stubborn stains to get wet and give in to washing. At the same time, we wash the countertop, wash the dishes.
  8. When the surfaces are washed and it remains to rub them, you should make the movements vertically or horizontally, and not in a circle. This is in order not to leave streaks.
  9. We do not use ordinary rags, microfiber does the best job. So you can wash and rub all surfaces faster and better.
  10. We fold a regular cloth into four layers. So you can use a regular rag more efficiently. We now have four sides of one cleaning cloth.
  11. The rough side of the sponge is not that safe and we do not recommend using it on surfaces at all. Perhaps, in rare exceptions, we use a blue or white sponge, green, the toughest, definitely not.
  12. If you have recently completed repairs, but there are still residues of white plaque or white construction dust on the floors, we recommend rinsing the surfaces with clean water with the addition of vinegar (we dilute two tablespoons of vinegar in one liter of water). After that, we thoroughly wash the floors with a washing powder specially for the floor. And your floor will shine clean.
  13. We restore your dishes: cups, spoons. Detergents are a good help, but regular baking soda will help us clean up black tea or coffee stains, it will wash away the yellow stains from drinks.
  14. Kettle. Every housewife is pleased to see him immaculate and snow-white, so he needs constant care. Scale must be removed at the initial stage. If you don’t do this, it will be difficult to clean the kettle.
  15. In order for the frying pan to serve as long as possible, in a hot state, in no case should it be poured with cold water, everything will burn on it, the protective non-stick surface will be erased. We are in no hurry, let the pan cool naturally, and then wash it.
  16. If you asked to wash your outerwear, for example, a down jacket, there is also a winter secret: put yellow tennis balls in the drum. They will fluff up the filler during washing and will not break the thing.

In order for order always reigned in a house or apartment, you should get rid of unnecessary trash and create your own storage system. We often travel, we are “sick” with shopping, sometimes we cannot decide and buy several absolutely identical things only of different shades, all these are “Plyushkin’s” sins – a craving for gathering. Masks, figurines, magnets, vases, stands, pots and so on. So much of this is collected in the house that it seems to be not a problem, but a problem of where to put and where to store. The visual clutter hurts the eye. What to do, because it is very difficult to part with things? So that your apartment does not turn into a warehouse – storage, then determine what it is high time to stop storing. Our team of experts in cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group recommends that you look at your home from the outside, and you will immediately see that it does not fit well into the interior and it has long been in the trash bin. Another hint: easily get rid of everything that was not useful to you during the year and you did not use it at all. These are empty bottles, expired cosmetics and cereals, boxes, cans, almost finished and expired shampoo bottles. Ruthlessly clean your space of unnecessary trash. If certain things are dear to you, but they do not perform any function, these are children’s drawings, crafts, certificates, it is a pity to throw them away, then get a special container and carefully put it all in it. Learn to store your things in the extremely necessary volume and you will have order.