Cleaning services in Vinnitsia and region from 35 UAH per square metre

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How to make your premises clean and comfortable? The Cleaning Group company, which knows absolutely everything about cleanliness, will help you with this!

Let go of your bad mood, your sorrows, discomfort in your soul and your own home. Rest, meditate, relax, think about your heights that you have reached, and the cleaning group of apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnytsia will bring cleanliness and comfort in your house.

On the eve of the New Year, folk wisdom advises to get rid of everything old so that a new one comes in the New Year, as well as to wash and clean everything so that the house shines and shines with cleanliness all year round.
Therefore, it is impossible to restore cleanliness once a year. This procedure should be regular. It is much easier to maintain it than to wash everything over and over again.

How does the cleaning company Vinnitsa do it:

  1. We carry out dry and wet cleaning, wash the skirting boards.
  2. Be sure to scrub and wash the doors.
  3. We remove dust from interior items and, if the coating allows, wash them.
  4. Wipe the window sills and walls with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner.
  5. We remove dust deposits from all equipment.
  6. Mirrors should shine and reflect the shine, therefore we wash them especially responsibly.
  7. We carry out cleaning with disinfection of services and plumbing.
  8. Cleaning Vinnytsia is a clean kitchen, because this very room is the face of the hostess.
  9. Separate the plastic container from the garbage, take it out of the room.
  10. We take all equipment: mops, ladders, vacuum cleaner with us.
  11. We start cleaning immediately after signing the contract.

Maintenance cleaning is carried out according to a strategic plan:

  • all accessible surfaces must be clean, washed and rubbed to a shine;
  • wardrobes, hanging shelves, bedside tables, dressers – we get rid of dust, rub with ecological napkins, except for the inner shelves in the wardrobe (this is an additional service);
  • we check with the Landlord in advance what and where should lie and stand, then we put all the things in their places. We carefully hang clothes, remove or arrange (at the request of the Owner) toys and books;
  • absolutely all surfaces of the room: floor, radiators, baseboards, walls, ceilings are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, then wiped with ecological napkins or washed;
  • if the carpets in the room need cleaning or dry cleaning, then this issue should be discussed before our arrival, in advance. It is also important to know where the Landlord prefers to clean the carpets. This can be an option with a visit to the factory or an option for dry cleaning at home;
  • the kitchen is the most delicate room in the apartment, so cleaning the apartment in Vinnitsa pays special attention to the kitchen;
  • cleaning services in Vinnitsa include washing and thorough scrubbing of all surfaces in the kitchen from grease and scale;
  • window cleaning Vinnitsa is included in additional services, but if without this there is no visual order, then the team of professionals of the company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group will make your room perfectly bright, the sun will settle with you for a long time the next window cleaning in Vinnitsa;
  • often the doors of cabinets, ovens, microwave ovens are very dirty, the task of our professionals is to get rid of such moments when cleaning apartments in Vinnitsa;
  • the stove and sink are often not cleaned or scrubbed regularly, so it can be difficult to cope with dirt without strong chemicals;
  • our specialists clean all surfaces for cooking efficiently and carefully so as not to damage the coating using special sponges of different types of hardness;
  • cleaning company Vinnitsa provides for washing dishes, but not more than one sink;
  • in services, we fill the bathroom, shower and toilet bowl with special chemistry and “soak” it for a while so that the dirt moves away and it is easier to wash it. Then we wash it off, wipe it perfectly dry, pre-disinfect these rooms.

Decide on the service, designate the date and time convenient for you. We are ready to start putting things in order as soon as the contract is concluded. We do not care about the time of day or calendar holidays, we work for you at a time that is convenient only for you.