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I trust myself to make the right decisions. If professional cleaning of the apartment, then only together with a company for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group

Feeling active and energetic gives you everything you can to achieve your goals. But this energy should be used correctly, appropriately. Use all your efforts to increase your prosperity, to raise children, to active sports, and entrust the cleaning of your home to the specialists of the cleaning company of apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group. If you do what you don’t want or don’t know how to do, your energy will result in irritability, arguments, spoiled mood. Do you really need it? Be prudent in your decisions and choices. And then everything in your life will be harmonious.
Our cleaning team is able to provide you with all the best: we control the quality of work from the start to the acceptance of housing by the Owner, we are very responsible in the selection of performers, we check and train them. We have created special databases that keep track of the feedback from our customers and clearly demonstrate the rating of our cleaners. We do not artificially inflate prices for our services, we always provide assistance in solving problems. At any time there are difficult questions and problems, but people are not ready to give up their habits of living in comfort and using the service. They will, of course, refuse companies that issue sky-high invoices, and with an adequate price list, no one will break the cooperation.
We are a team of responsible young specialists who have undergone special training and we do not need to prove that we are worthy, skillful, accurate, professional. For this, our website has a special section, which contains reviews of our regular customers. Our team has passed all stages of its development with dignity and now we are in the stage of large-scale growth of orders and increase in profits. You can get acquainted with our statistics and understand for yourself: is it promising to cooperate with us or not. If you scroll through the list of our customers a few years ago, and then go back to the beginning, you will see that over the years people have been filling out applications and submitting tasks for us every month – these are our regular customers.

What is the secret of our success?

Nobody says we are wizards. And the process of cleaning large areas is not an easy thing, it is a complex process that requires energy, endurance, effort, responsibility and many other factors that affect the result of work. You can’t remove everything with a wave of a magic wand in five seconds. To be appreciated and invited, our work must be efficient and productive.
If you do not want to live in dust from cleaning to cleaning, we recommend you an excellent service – maintenance cleaning. This is our key professional specialization. We do this type of cleaning with our entire team, but this is the very case when it will be most convenient and profitable for you to order one cleaner, which you especially impresses and whose quality of work you are always satisfied with. Such a specialist is already familiar with your requirements, knows the specifics of your wishes. In such interaction, there will always be harmony and work will go well, be done faster and more sincerely.

Maintenance cleaning always involves cleaning all rooms:

We begin to clean up the living rooms.

  1. We clean indoor floors in two ways: dry and wet.
  2. Be sure to clean from dust and wash the skirting board.
  3. We remove dust from interior items and household appliances.
  4. Mirrors, chandeliers, glass wash and bring to a state of shine.

Moving on to the kitchen

  1. Wash the stove and apron from fat and cooking residues.
  2. Wash off the fat from the tiles.
  3. Unload the refrigerator, pre-defrost, wash, ventilate. We load as it was.
  4. We vacuum and clean the kitchen corner, dust off the chairs.

Services (toilet and bathroom)

  1. Fill the toilet bowl, bathroom and shower with a cleaning chemical composition. We give them time to move away from the raid. Then we wash it with high quality using special ecological rags.
  2. In the shower cabin, we wipe the doors, walls, pallet from the fungus and plaque. I wash the glass surface of the cabin with glass detergents and rub it until it shines.
  3. We carry out the obligatory disinfection of the entire bathroom.
    To clean your premises, the cleaner will bring with him the chemicals with which he will work, without fail to take inventory.

What is the benefit?

Maintenance cleaning should be ordered regularly and then you will have a permanent feeling of eternal cleanliness in your home. This is not a general cleaning, then our cleaner will quickly cope with its tasks, it will not take much of your time. It’s also beneficial. Because with constant contact with our company, you will be credited with bonuses.
Supportive cleaning is needed where dust, dirt and accumulated debris must be removed. Our specialists will do all this work for the time that you have agreed with us in advance, they will clean the house professionally, efficiently, and you will be satisfied with the result. We do not work with a spatula and a broom. We have professional cleaning equipment and equipment.
The cost of maintenance cleaning is calculated taking into account the following points:

  • must be provided access to the objects that need to be washed;
  • Do you want to use additional services;
  • Do you have any bonuses from previous orders?

How to disassemble and tidy up the closet.

Our team for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group will tell you about this.
Winter is the time to update your wardrobe, revise and re-arrange it. Let’s call this general cleaning of the closet.
Our experts will free the wardrobe from things and offer you to sort things into categories:

  • necessary and useful – these are those that you really need and you use them often;
  • things are in good condition, but you haven’t touched them for a long time, they don’t like them and you don’t want to wear them anymore. It is better to get rid of such things, donate, give away;
  • things that you would wear, but they are not working properly, they urgently need to be repaired. And they will be in service again, they will be actively used by you;
  • things that are outdated, damaged and worn out. They just need to be thrown into the trash.

We will sort the necessary things by season and color, and send them back to the closet. Things that require repair must be immediately taken to the master, otherwise, they will be shifted from place to place. In order to distribute, things should also be immediately packed and taken out, otherwise they will litter the apartment.
Each type of thing should be strictly in its place.