Cleaning services in Vinnitsia and region from 35 UAH per square metre

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If you want to order a large-scale cleaning of your premises, visit us, the Cleaning Group for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group, for a cup of coffee and we will discuss how to help you at the highest, highest quality and professional level

Professional cleaning work:

  • complex cleaning of various premises, cleaning of the surrounding area of different scale and
  • complexity, cleaning of roofs and facades;
  • maintenance cleaning of premises;
  • daily cleaning of premises;
  • cleaning once a week;
  • cleaning twice a week;
  • spring-cleaning;
  • general cleaning with a steam generator;
  • washing, cleaning premises after renovation, renting out housing, events, exhibitions, fire, flooding;
  • one-time cleaning;
  • hostess assistant;
  • cleaning on an ongoing basis.

Additional services:

  • washing windows and glass;
  • pool cleaning;
  • roof cleaning;
  • cleaning the area near the house;
  • cleaning and removal of leaves and snow;
  • cleaning and removal of rubbish after repair or during the period of preparation of housing for repair;
  • bath, sauna cleaning;
  • cleaning of the second office space;
  • washing of interior items (cleaning and removing dust from paintings, statues, floor lamps, interior dolls, etc.).

Our staff

We look for and select employees of the required specialty and qualifications so that they correspond to the level of our team. Our future employees must undergo special training and testing. Our employee is a young, energetic, healthy, tactful, efficient and trained cleaning specialist who is ready to work actively, knows the safety rules for working with chemicals, is trained to work with modern equipment, to whom you can entrust your property.

Cleaning your home – a guarantee of cleanliness

Our advantages:

  1. We react instantly.
  2. We have loyal prices, discounts, bonuses for regular customers.
  3. We do not strive to work one-time, we are aimed at cooperation on an ongoing basis.
  4. We adapt to the client, we work around the clock without holidays and weekends.

The cleaning services of our team of the Cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group is a whole system of cleaning work aimed at bringing cleanliness in your house, professional care using modern technology for your carpets, carpets, this is a complete cleaning , washing and cleaning furniture, appliances, valuable and expensive interior items. Of course, you can have your own service personnel, but by engaging a team of specialists from the Cleaning Group cleaning service in Vinnitsa, you entrust the cleaning of your property to professionals and save your money on the maintenance of permanent staff, as well as remove the issue of constant monitoring of the work. You are not involved in the distribution of duties and only we, our Cleaning Group team, are responsible for quality control.

Our services are widely demanded by owners of private houses, apartments, offices, shopping centers, banks, various institutions, government agencies, owners of huge country cottages. Our work is planned in such a way as to fulfill the task set by the customer with the highest quality in the minimum amount of time. The whole team goes to the object, each specialist is responsible for a certain area of ​​work and performs a certain type of work in which he is a professional, in connection with which the speed of work is increased and the quality grows. The team works in overalls. Only trained specialists are allowed to work, who have been instructed and know how to safely handle chemical detergents, have the skills to work with special modern equipment.

General, daily cleaning of the premises

In order to assess the scale of the work carried out, it is necessary to clearly indicate the following:

  • the area to be removed;
  • do you need window cleaning, how many windows are there;
  • cleaning of furniture. It is necessary to decide what kind of cleaning is needed (dry, wet, dry cleaning);
  • washing, cleaning carpets, removing stains;
  • decide whether the customer needs additional services;
  • washing floors. The type of coverage (linoleum, laminate, parquet, etc.) must be taken into account;
  • washing plumbing fixtures, sinks, shower stalls, bathroom with disinfection;
  • cleaning tiles from bottom to top in the kitchen and bathroom;
  • washing glass and mirror coatings;
  • cleaning the kitchen, the working surface of the stove, kitchen equipment (multicooker, coffee machine, etc.);
  • dishwashing (one sink) is a bonus if a turnkey complex cleaning is ordered;
  • one-time cleaning after renovation;
  • dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, large soft interior dolls and toys, blinds and ironing them with a steam generator, tulle, carpets, carpets, carpet, blankets, blankets, mattresses;
  • balcony washing, balcony windows, doorways, floor;
  • dry cleaning of doors and doorways of the entire room,
    washing skirting boards, railings, window sills, batteries;
  • washing the refrigerator from the outside and as an additional service – completely;
  • cleaning and rubbing shelves and cabinets. As an additional service – cleaning the cabinets inside with the removal of all things and after cleaning by carefully placing them all in their places;
    washing chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces and other lighting fixtures, followed by rubbing them to a shine;
  • cleaning the ceiling;
  • garbage collection, removal of bulky garbage.

You should choose us Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa:

  1. More than one hundred thousand square meters of premises cleaned by us.
  2. All objects were handed over to the owners impeccably, without a single comment, brought to shine.
  3. Dozens of apartments, working with us, become washed and clean every day.
  4. We serve huge entertainment centers, supermarkets, establishments, restaurants, state-owned enterprises, etc.
  5. Many years of experience.