Cleaning services in Vinnitsia and region from 35 UAH per square metre

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Professional cleaning of apartments, cottages, offices together with the Cleaning Group Cleaning Company in Vinnitsa is the right service at the right price

If you want your home to shine with cleanliness, come to us, Cleaning Group, a cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa. Quickly, accurately, with discounts and pleasant bonuses, we will put your premises in perfect order.

With full responsibility and diligence, we will do for you:

  1. Cleaning of apartments.
  2. Cleaning of city houses and country cottages.
  3. We will do a one-time cleaning.
  4. Regular cleaning.
  5. We will help you clean the premises after renovation.
  6. We will carry out a general cleaning.
  7. We will clean your office.

If you want your room to look aesthetically pleasing and attractive, you need to clean it in time and not make it look unsightly. This should be done because dirt, dust and unpleasant air in a house, apartment, office can really threaten the health of people there, provoke allergic diseases, and the accumulation of dust, mold, fungus, dampness in the bathroom and toilet, dirt in the kitchen, old food on the stove and a dirty cooker hood in general can be fatal. If you set yourself the task: to always see your home washed and clean, then clean and wash it every day, and if you care about your health and do not want to harm all the people living in it, you want to clean your home using high-quality ecological chemistry, expensive and powerful, modern special equipment of the last generation, in order not only to wash and refresh the house, but also to create the effect of sterility, freshness in it, without spoiling anything, then you should involve the professionals, the Cleaning Group team in Vinnitsa, to help. Why would you waste your precious time, disrupt your business and usual schedule of life and work on routine hard work, and it is far from the fact that the result of your work will please you. Use the services of professionals of the Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group and enjoy the glamor and splendor provided to you by the masters of their craft.

Cleaning of apartments

This is exactly what we do quickly, professionally and relatively inexpensively. We do not divide rooms into residential and non-residential, we clean equally responsibly both in the living room and on the loggia. We approach with all responsibility the cleaning of every corner of the rooms, the most hidden places from the eyes. When cleaning a home, we will certainly remove all visible and invisible dust from furniture, batteries, switches, window sills, doors and doorways. Then we wipe it with a damp cloth, wash it taking into account what kind of washing can be done in each case, wet or dry. I wash window sills, slopes, plinths, a heating radiator, vacuum the ceiling. We pay special attention to upholstered furniture, computer chairs, carpets and carpets. We can offer you standard cleaning, general, urgent, one-time and on an ongoing basis.

Cleaning of city houses and country cottages

Cleaning houses that are located outside the city is usually not easy. Since such cottages have a huge area, there are many main rooms and the same number of additional rooms, a large facade and a personal plot. If a person has never done this, he will not even understand where to start cleaning. If you invite one cleaner from the “street”, then a number of problems will arise. Firstly, one person is unlikely to cope with such a scale of work, and secondly, it is dangerous to invite unverified people into the house, another very important point – you do not know if a person has any basic knowledge of cleaning at all. You will have to distribute the scope of work yourself, explain, direct and constantly monitor. And it is not a fact that the result will satisfy you. This whole process is a strong expenditure of your time, energy and nerves. If you still have such a question, then by all means call us the Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group. In a matter of minutes, our team will be distributed throughout the entire premises, each team member will take on the area of ​​work in which he is a professional, we will put your entire house in order, starting with the hall and ending with a personal plot. We will clean storage rooms, auxiliary rooms, garage. We will wash the windows to shine, rub them; we will polish all the furniture, wash the floor with high quality, clean and carry out chemical treatment of furniture, carpets, all paths, heavy blankets, blankets, mattresses. We will pay special attention to the bathroom, all sinks, faucets, bathroom, shower cabin will be washed and surfaces will be disinfected. We will wash and rub the tiles, remove stains and streaks from it, clean the air of the room and add a light pleasant aroma.

If you need additional services for cleaning the pool, cleaning in the bathhouse and sauna, if you need to put things in order in the barn, outbuildings, clean the area adjacent to the house or work on the design of the infield, then our Cleaning Group team in Vinnitsa is ready to help you every day , without days off and holidays, exactly at the time when it is convenient for you. We respond instantly, communicate with respect, and work professionally.

Cleaning of offices

The office is exactly the place by which the company is judged, its, so to speak, face. From the first step and at first glance, an impression is formed and forecasts are made: to cooperate with this company or not. If you entered the premises for the conclusion of a business agreement, and there is dirt, dust, a suffocating unpleasant odor, you will immediately have a desire to leave this premises as soon as possible and the matter may not reach the beginning of a business conversation. There is no need to risk and save on cleanliness, this may turn out to be a dangerous and unprofitable moment for you. Therefore, cleanliness in the office is definitely acceptable, without dust, traces of work, unnecessary rubbish and piles, clean and pleasant air.

What you need to do for this:

You can invite a cleaner to the staff on an ongoing basis, but this is not a very profitable project, since sick leave, time off, vacation, your constant personal control over the performance of duties and cleanliness control will take away your money and your personal time. In order to feel the benefits in all aspects, invite to your office a proven team of people who know their business thoroughly – Cleaning Group, a cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa, we will not interfere with the work process, we will do the job clearly, quickly, efficiently, we will start working at the exact time that you designate for us.