Cleaning services in Vinnitsia and region from 35 UAH per square metre

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Save yourself from hard experiences with simple joys, and entrust the exhausting and destroying nervous system cleaning after repair to us, the Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa

Ordering a cleaning service for an apartment after renovation means finding a team of specially trained specialists who will take control of the elements.

Many people think that repairs are grandiose, and cleaning up after them is a matter of minutes. Is it so?

Breathing out to the fullest can only be done at the end of cleaning after renovation, when your apartment demonstrates perfect cleanliness, dramatic changes, and style.

  1. Take photos of the apartment before and after cleaning. Compare the result.
  2. You should not relax, a layer of heavy dust is hidden behind a beautiful design. And this is only at first glance, and if you start looking at everything closely, then traces of repairs, dirt, primer, polyurethane foam will strengthen the scope of work and the question will arise: is it possible to cope with all this on your own or is it more expedient to order a cleaning service in Vinnytsia.
  3. Make a plan and outline the stages of work. So it will be easier and faster to figure out where to start, what you need to purchase to remove contaminants, what tools and equipment to use so as not to damage the surface. If there is no time and desire to be imbued with all these subtleties, order an apartment cleaning service from the cleaning company Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa and enjoy the result.

Only a real expert can draw up a high-quality work plan.

We will think over everything to the smallest detail, draw up an individual action plan for each cleaner in order to save your and our time and enhance the quality of our work.

  • Prepare the room for cleaning;
  • we will distribute the inventory in strategic places, indicate which tools we will use in the first place and which chemistry to use;
  • our cleaners of the Cleaning Group in Vinnytsia will begin to clean each section of the premises assigned to him personally;
  • we will re-sort all construction waste, pack it and take it out of the premises;
  • all surfaces after housing repair are densely covered with dust, we will remove it;
  • dust removal is not enough to completely get rid of it. We will wash all surfaces, qualitatively clean doorways, slopes, baseboards, where dust has settled tightly and deeply;
  • we will carry out wet cleaning of all coatings and surfaces;
  • we will approach non-specific divorces and stains professionally, analyze the etymology of their origin, set the statute of limitations, select a chemical agent that is suitable for this material in terms of percentage concentration;
  • modern housing cannot be imagined without glass, windows and mirror objects. Let’s transform all glass and mirrors, make them naturally shine and reflect;
  • when everything is polished, washed and ironed, we will put all the furniture in its place, hang curtains, lay carpets.

We start cleaning.

Let’s remember together our strategic plan and forward to creating order and cleanliness!

  • Among the entire inventory, we select the one necessary for cleaning the apartment after renovation (strong garbage bags, a strong industrial vacuum cleaner, stepladders, mops with several nozzles, a washing vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning, buckets and ecological cleaning solutions, ecological napkins of different colors, sponges of different hardness);
  • put on rubber closed shoes, gloves, mask or respirator;
  • this type of cleaning may take several hours;
  • it will be quite difficult for one or two cleaners to cope with cleaning after repairs in Vinnitsa, so a team of specialists of four to six people will come to you;
  • if you need to clean several rooms at once, then we, cleaning in one, will take care of the cleanliness of the rest as much as possible;
  • it is necessary to assess how dirty the apartment is after the repair and attach special chemicals to the cleaning to remove fine dust, polystyrene, rust, mounting foam;
  • we put in order ceilings, chandeliers, walls, tiles first with a vacuum cleaner, wipe with dry wipes, wash;
  • We remove the grout with a spatula, remove the primer stains with acetone, wash the tiles with a solution of water and vinegar, wash the dirt from the tiles on the floor with a solution for ceramic coating.

Special attention to furniture and office space.

  • Remove covers, bedspreads, wash;
  • upholstered furniture is vacuumed or dry-cleaned;
  • wooden or steel decor is treated with a damp cloth, then wiped dry;
  • we soak the bathroom, toilet bowl, sinks for a while in a chemical solution, carry out disinfection, clean the tiles from plaque and fungus, and ventilate.