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The magic of purity is a gorgeous tool for working with true desires! Wish a company for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group and let desires become reality!

One of the most popular services, which is very often ordered from our company for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group – is a general cleaning after renovation. What it is? This is a well-organized cleaning that takes a fairly large amount of time, which is carried out exclusively by certified means and with the help of professional powerful equipment.
Renovation is a grandiose event that transforms your home, but it does not pass without a trace, even if you involved the most experienced and hyper neat craftsmen. Order a general cleaning service in our company and you will be doubly happy: from excellent repairs and high-quality mirror cleanliness.

Who are we and how to start working with us?

You can get acquainted with us on the website of the Cleaning Group, a cleaning company for apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa, but if you are very worried about your housing and the safety of your property, then come to our office and our entire team will be introduced to you. You can personally verify our reliability and competence. Our cleaners are young, reliable and responsible masters of their craft. They approach the performance of the assigned tasks professionally, since before sending a person to the object, he must pass special training courses on cleaning and a special check. During the training, our craftsmen are given special knowledge on safety measures, on working with harmful chemicals, on the correct operation of modern and powerful production equipment. Once you get down to business and are faced with problem stains or complex greases on surfaces, our cleaners will deal with it without too many problems and will not cause damage or harm to your property or your health.

We work like this:

only with proven chemistry. Our team does not allow itself to be exchanged for cheap goods and save on cleaning supplies. We order cleaning and detergents only from trusted suppliers, with whom we have been working for more than a year, we know and trust the quality and authenticity. Cheap chemical products for home cleaning will not cope with the tasks at best, and at worst they will ruin it. Only professional cleaners are competent in this matter. Maybe an ordinary cleaner “from the street” knows this, of course, but she may not have the funds for this, since the company provides its cleaners with expensive and high-quality equipment, and in the second case, a person must buy everything for cleaning himself.

And this has its moments:

  •  he doesn’t know where to buy;
  • he does not have proven suppliers;
  • can get on the hot market for a fake:
  • firm buys in bulk and it is cheaper. For a retail buyer, the price is much higher.

We clean using professional production technology. We have powerful vacuum cleaners for different types of cleaning: wet and dry, with a variety of attachments for cleaning carpets, sofas, hidden corners, crevices, fur toys and outerwear. If you do not have the opportunity, time or desire to send your furniture to dry cleaning, then one of our services is dry cleaning at home. We will bring your furniture to its original ideal look, without leaving your home, quickly and efficiently. Then we will ventilate the living space and only a positive result will remain from the work done, there will be no extra smells and traces of work at all. Our masters have been trained and know in what proportions to mix the compounds and how to safely use them.
Our team for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group with full responsibility, accumulated experience and maximum quality will come to you and clean your house, apartment, office at the highest level. Contact us! Leave a request on our website, call us or we invite you to our office for a substantive conversation. We will show you our portfolio, where the level of our specialists is clearly demonstrated, and we will introduce you to prices. We have fairly loyal prices, there are discounts and bonuses for regular customers.

We do not strive for one-time work, we are aimed at long-term cooperation on an ongoing basis, so it will be beneficial to both parties:

  • We clean efficiently for the first time. It can take a long time and take away effort, but we guarantee the quality at the highest level. Next time, maintenance cleaning will already be planned, which will prevent the room from becoming covered with dust and dirt. As a result, you are guaranteed cleanliness on a permanent basis.
  • You will not check your performers every time, you will not have to be nervous and worried about how the new team will cope with the cleaning, you will not have to worry about the safety of your property. And you will already be familiar with the quality of work not by hearsay.

The scheme of our work:

  1. You place an order, and our manager goes to the facility. Already on the spot, he determines the entire volume of work, fixes what work needs to be done, draws up an action plan, selects all the necessary chemicals for washing and cleaning, and also selects special equipment for the type of cleaning.
  2. After evaluating the object, a specific list of works is determined.
  3. The works are divided by the type of premises:


  • we remove dirt, dust, unnatural plaque from all surfaces of the room;
  • we carry out the elimination of the specific consequences of the repair;
  • We wash windows, frames, window sills. We rub glass until sunshine;
  • we wash the mirror surfaces from stains and rub them with a special ecological napkin;
  • if necessary, we dry clean carpets, parquet, upholstered furniture, blankets and mattresses, outerwear at home;
  • If the client wants to carry out cleaning in production, then we take the property to the company for dry cleaning;
  • we carry out wet cleaning first with a vacuum cleaner using a special technique, then we thoroughly wash everything. All rooms, radiators, heating boilers, ceilings, walls, all lighting devices, electrical appliances in the kitchen, stove and apron;
  • wash the bathrooms and disinfect. We wash off the damp plaque, destroy the fungus, rub the tiles, taps and make the bathroom and shower stall shine with cleanliness. We ventilate the premises from chemical odors;
  • we collect, sort, pack and remove construction waste.

The entire list of works is always read and corrected by the Customer, it can be supplemented or changed.

We, the company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group – is a team with many years of experience. We know how to work with the Customer and we know how to do it perfectly well. We are always attentive to the requests of the Landlord, if he is dissatisfied with something, we fix everything instantly and unconditionally. We are young, active, strong, hardy, responsible, neat cleaners. We always work with gloves and a special uniform. We monitor the quality of our work, we carry it out as quickly and smoothly as possible.