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What is cleaning and why you need it. Professional assistance to the Cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group

The word cleaning is of foreign origin and translated from English means to clean, clean. Recently, this word has gained popularity, it can often be heard in different communication environments. The roots of cleaning are from the UK, where the first cleaning companies actually appeared, they made a professional business from the usual daily washing and cleaning procedure, based on the use of professional cleaning techniques and the skill of workers, that is, they turned ordinary cleaning into professional cleaning at the highest level. This type of activity has gained a certain prestige in the cleaning market and has firmly established itself as a highly competitive one.

The face of our company Cleaning Group Vinnytsia is our employees. They differ from ordinary street cleaners in appearance, special training and tactful manner of working with the client. We have a special uniform that distinguishes our employees from employees of other firms. Particular attention should be paid to the technique, which is easily controlled by our employees, these are modern vacuum cleaners with several cleaning functions (dry, wet), special mops, turbo mops, brushes, a large number of attachments for removing dust from upholstered furniture and hard-to-reach places. Such equipment can only be afforded by large cleaning companies, whose specialists are trained to work with it, which actually makes their work easier and creates a business image, this is no longer a cleaner with a rag and a mop, this is a cleaning specialist, a professional in his field. If you have a need for an urgent general complex mlm of any other cleaning and you still doubt whether you can do it on your own or invite a person “from the street”, or contact us, professionals in your field. Think carefully and weigh all the nuances of the pros and cons.

What can happen if you invite an unverified person to your house:

  • poor quality cleaning;
  • a person will not cope with the tasks at all;
  • protracted cleaning by time;
  • damage to property;
  • improper use of chemicals in cleaning can lead to damage to the health of the contractor and owners;
    safety violations;
  • cleaning performed by non-professional equipment may not cope with the smallest particles of dirt and waste
  • after, for example, repairs;
  • theft.

The company providing cleaning services is fully responsible for its employees in order to avoid such problems.

Our services:

Our company Cleaning Company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group provides different types of cleaning services, from the simplest to complex general cleaning. We clean apartments and houses, country cottages, wash facades, windows, roofs, baths, swimming pools. With the help of professional climbers, we put things in order on the roofs of high-rise buildings, wash the windows on high floors. A huge enterprise or office has the ability to keep its own cleaners on staff. This is convenient for maintaining everyday order, but if the issue of general cleaning with luxury quality is raised, then it is still advisable to trust the professionals – our Cleaning Group team in Vinnitsa. We will come to you at a time convenient for you and the day of the week, we will not disrupt the process of the enterprise, we will not interfere with the employees’ work and will create cleanliness and comfort for you in a minimum amount of time. If you are a self-respecting company, then your image is dear to you, and the clutter and dirt in your premises can undermine your reputation. The client first gets to know the company in order, cleanliness and beauty of the locations, and then business communication begins. Large and well-known supermarkets, salons, firms, warehouses, as well as production facilities are simply obliged to adhere to the laws of cleanliness. When a person enters a huge supermarket or shopping center, cleanliness and order in it, mirrored clean windows, fresh air, polished floors immediately dispose the buyer to get acquainted with the product and shopping. If the windows of a grocery store are dirty, stained and traces of products, then the purchasing power in such stores will be very low, people are not attracted to such goods that the seller does not correctly present, this is a kind of disrespect for the client.

You need to cooperate with us:

  • the customer chooses the performer himself;
  • full responsibility for carrying out work at the facility rests with the contractor;
  • the company takes into account all the wishes and comments of the customer, if something does not suit the client in the final work, this very second the team corrects the situation so that the owner is satisfied with the work;
  • it is more profitable to contact a cleaning service than to keep cleaners on staff. There is a saving of money on sick leaves, vacations. No need to think about who will clean the office if the cleaning lady did not show up for work. Automatically, these questions are transferred from your shoulders and the cleaning company will already solve them. And the cost of cleaning services will be several times cheaper than paying for permanent full-time cleaners;
  • You do not need to spend frenzied funds to purchase modern powerful cleaning equipment, the company will take all this with you;
  • cleaning service employees are always pleasant to talk to, executive, look beautiful and neat in their corporate uniforms.
  • a full range of services, which includes washing the floor, ridding floor and wall coverings of dust, cobwebs, dirt, stains, cleaning dust from switches, doorways, thresholds, batteries, air conditioners, stationary air conditioners, window sills, tables, cabinets, open shelves with documents , washing lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, cleaning furniture, washing windows on both sides, rubbing glasses and mirrors, washing, cleaning and rubbing to a shine of tiles, cleaning in office premises using disinfection: washing toilets, sinks, tiles on the walls, disinfection them, as well as cleaning of upholstered furniture, dry cleaning if necessary.

Our business plan

Our cleaning company Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa clearly understands that a number of rules are required to properly organize your project:

  • we find a trusted supplier, select and purchase high-quality and professional cleaning equipment;
  • our staff are qualified employees;
  • household chemicals that we use must be environmentally friendly and harmless.

Who and what we serve:

  • private apartments, houses, country cottages;
  • pools, saunas, baths;
  • trading halls;
  • offices, banks;
  • canteens, cafes, bars, restaurants;
  • industrial enterprises.

It is very important to understand that it is cheaper and easier to maintain the cleanliness of your premises than to perform complex cleaning as a result, so we will reveal the secret of construction: very troublesome and not cheap cleaning after construction, so we recommend that you think about it and start everyday cleaning with the involvement of a team of professionals. the construction stage, conclude a contract for permanent services and receive pleasant discounts and bonuses in the process of cooperation.

Our professional equipment and facilities:

  • multifunctional vacuum cleaners with different types of attachments for wet and dry cleaning;
  • devices for washing windows and wiping office equipment;
  • mop mop;
  • wringing bucket;
  • cotton mop with pockets for dry and wet cleaning;
  • mop for dry and wet cleaning made of cotton material and specialized polymer for removing dust in hard-to-reach places;
  • mop with bucket and self-wringing;
  • scrubber drier for washing large objects;
  • washing machine for taking care of overalls, cleaning materials, cleaning napkins.

Staff. Let’s get acquainted

We have a customer service manager, office manager and human resources manager on our staff. At the head is the director represented by the business owner. In this field of activity, unfortunately, there is a staff turnover, therefore our HR manager for the selection of personnel with great responsibility treats his employees, to the selection of them for work and to keep them in the staff. We have our own transport in order to freely transport the tools and equipment necessary for work to the object. The cleaners also don’t get there on their own. Our staff has received special training and understands how to deal with different types of pollution, what tools and equipment to use, and uses different cleaning technologies. Our people know how to correctly select the concentration and consumption of chemicals that are used in the cleaning process. Our masters professionally operate the equipment and it does not need repair. Cleaners work in branded workwear.