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Why our team Cleaning Group is the best cleaning company for apartments, office buildings, cottages in Vinnitsa. Cleaning in Vinnitsa. Our services. The nuances of work.

If you have recently encountered a number of questions regarding cleaning your home or administrative premises and you do not have a reliable and trusted assistant, you have never asked for help from specialists, and the amount of cleaning is significant, a number of questions will immediately arise:

  • how to choose a good company for professional house cleaning;
  • how to find your reliable assistant on an ongoing basis, whom you can trust and resolve issues without personally controlling the process;
  • how to get the expected positive result on time and at the highest level;
  • is it possible to pay extra to speed up the cleaning process;
  • whether it is necessary to conclude an agreement on the performance of services;
  • what actions to take if you don’t like the cleaning result;
  • what chemicals the company uses for cleaning;
  • does the company work with professional environmental chemistry;
  • does the company have oko products;
  • the need for a personal presence during cleaning;
  • what are the security guarantees in the presence of valuable things in the room.

These questions often concern people at the very beginning of cooperation with a new business partner. In order for everything to go at the highest level, you should contact trusted companies that have earned a certain prestige in their field of activity. Our cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group invites you to cooperation. We will answer you by phone, on our website or in person (a team representative visits the client to determine the scope of work) to all questions about cleaning, we will help you to clean, clean, wash the object with high quality and professionally and carry out all the work according to the contract within the agreed time frame. …

How to choose a good company for a professional home cleaning?

Serious cleaning companies are interested in a high-quality result of the work performed, therefore, work as a cleaner in such a company

“Everyone” cannot. If you have contacted us, a cleaning company for cleaning apartments, office houses, cottages in Vinnitsa – Cleaning Group, you can be sure that a person without experience and special education will not come to your home or office for cleaning. We value people’s experience and always want to work. Our staff undergoes special training, has the skills to work in this field of activity. Our cleaning technicians are physically strong, healthy, patient, organized, clean and responsible. When choosing a cleaning team, you should always pay attention to these qualities.

Our company has proven itself in the field of cleaning services, so you can no doubt invite the whole team for cleaning or several people if the type of cleaning is not large-scale or specific. All information about us is posted on the website and in the telephone mode it is possible to discuss all questions, you will be instructed, if necessary, you can visit the object.

How to find your reliable assistant on an ongoing basis.

Cleaning a room, especially one with a large square footage, is always stressful. It is hard work that requires maximum physical expenditure, good health, endurance, no allergy to chemicals and unlimited time to do the job. In order for the room to look clean, it must be kept clean every day, and this must be loved, since cleaning is a monotonous boring occupation that does not imply career growth. People in business usually do not have enough time for this type of activity. This raises the question: is it worth spending your time on cleaning or on promoting your business, for which you can earn more in the same time frame? And here you can order a service – cleaning an apartment in a cleaning company. Cooperation with a team of professionals is very beneficial for you. Doing your own thing, you are not distracted from your work and plans, you can earn tens of times more and spend your time more productive and useful than spending it on cleaning. Cooperation with the cleaning team gives you the opportunity not to waste your health, energy, time on solving everyday issues. Our Cleaning Group team in Vinnitsa performs the most complex cleaning work in the office, in a private house or a cottage with a large square area and furniture, we clean residential buildings with all household items, clean, vacuum, wash, remove old residues of grease and dirt in the dining room and on kitchen items, washing and polishing windows and mirrored surfaces to shine, dry cleaning carpets, rugs and carpets, sinks, bathrooms, disinfecting, washing and making them shine; we clean up empty rooms after renovation, we do cleaning of apartments after rent. Our team performs cleaning with modern high-quality equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals that do not cause harm and do not leave stains and unpleasant odors after cleaning the premises.

If, for example, you decide to turn to the services of a cleaning lady who works for herself, you should understand that cleaning will take 6-8 times longer than a whole team will work.

It will be necessary to blindly trust or qualitatively recheck her good or vice versa recommendations. She bears superficial responsibility for your property, valuables, expensive interior. In the event of damage, it will be problematic to resolve the issue of compensation for losses, or such a process will be delayed for a long time. In the event of a person’s insolvency, it can drag on for years. If you hire an unauthorized person to clean your home, there is a risk of robbery. To avoid such situations, you will be forced to keep your property under your own strict control. Is it profitable for you? Cooperating with a proven team, Cleaning Group in Vinnitsa, you can go for a walk with children, be present at work, relax in a cafe or theater, read a book, relax, i.e. spend time as you wish and we will not bother you. Such a choice is correct, since it guarantees complete safety and comfort to many moral, psychological, temporary and material aspects of your life.
All our employees undergo security service. The team has a foreman, he accepts and hands over the object, at the end of the cleaning, the owner checks for valuable things.

Positive result on time.

The entire strategy of our company Cleaning Group Vinnytsia is aimed at a positive end result of work, with which our client should be as satisfied as possible.

A complete price list of works and prices is provided on the website of our company in Vinnitsa. You can also order Cleaning Group services in Vinnitsa by phone. They will discuss with you the scale of the work being carried out, discuss all the details, answer your questions, and take into account all your wishes.

At the request of the customer, our company is ready to go to your site to inspect the territory for cleaning. On the spot, you can discuss the entire scope of work, discuss the nuances of concern to the client, see (if it is a living space) valuable interior items that are valuable to the owner and stipulate the safety of washing or cleaning them so as not to cause harm. The chemistry that will be used for cleaning is also stipulated, so that later the air and smell in the room does not cause an allergic reaction in the owners and their children; cleaning equipment is discussed and, if necessary, demonstrated, which must meet modern cleaning requirements. If a customer invites a team to clean the kitchen and bathrooms and has doubts whether the cleaning staff is healthy, he may ask for a fresh medical examination.

If, when inspecting the object, you are not satisfied with the deadlines for completing the assigned work, you can discuss all these points with our manager of the Cleaning Group company in Vinnitsa and we will try to adjust and complete everything as soon as possible. If the object is very large, with small parts for cleaning that require thorough washing and cleaning, and the customer insists on tight deadlines, then we honestly discuss and agree on the point that the quality of work may suffer, in which, first of all, the cleaning company itself is not interested. because he values ​​the acquired authority among competing companies. So be prepared to be smart about time-quality.

If the customer starts cooperation with the company and does not yet know each other well, then an agreement is concluded on the performance of services in electronic or written form, as it is convenient for the client.

The price list for the provision of services is presented on the website of our company. We work according to a checklist, you get to know it before the start of cooperation. At the end of the work, the foreman takes over the work himself, then the owner of the object. If the customer has any complaints, suggestions for eliminating our shortcomings, we will immediately eliminate them, we will do everything to make the owner satisfied with the quality of the work we have done.

The client is calculated after all the procedures and after the complete delivery of the object to him.

What is included in the checklist and the list of works provided:

  • cleaning of apartments in Vinnitsa;
  • cleaning of houses and cottages;
  • cleaning the premises after renovation;
  • cleaning the premises after rent;
  • spring-cleaning;
  • express cleaning in Vinnitsa;
  • cleaning of offices.

Additional services of the company:

  1. Washing kitchen cabinets outside and inside. We carefully dry or damp clean the outside of the cabinet, if necessary, use polish and eco-friendly napkins to make the cabinets shine. We remove fingerprints and handprints that were left in the process of use. We take out the contents of the cabinet, wash it, wipe it, rub it, sort it or fold it as it was originally.
  2. Washing dishes. This type of work can be provided by a bonus, by agreement.
  3. Bathroom, second bathroom or toilet.
  4. Tidying up equipment, washing inside. A thrifty owner is able to entrust this type of work only to trusted professionals, since only trained people have an idea of ​​how modern technology works, how it opens and closes, how to use and care for it correctly, and whether various types of washing are acceptable (dry, wet) regarding this technique.
  5. Additional cleaner. If the client wants to speed up the work process, it is possible to attract additional specialists.

What chemistry does the company work with.

First of all, professional. The range is very wide, for all types of pollution.

Does the company have any products.

The range of cleaning products includes eco-chemicals.
What does it mean to enjoy cleanliness.

The customer accepts the work from the team, makes sure that all the terms of the contract are met, the work is done and completed, pays and gets maximum pleasure from the saved time, energy, health.